I have tried this after doing a clean 1.16 install so nothing has been touched. It must be the cohokum_test10.exe as using the normal one (cohokum.exe) does not create this gory looking sky biggrin Will do some more tests but so far I have tried different graphic options, different resolutions, filters, compatibility modes, blah blah blah blah. Need to get under my car now but might have some more time this evening to whack another few tests.

***************************************** A few minutes later ************************************************

Pulled a clean 1.16 installation folder and just tried the cohokum_test10.exe and I can confirm that the red sky appears again so it is something withing that exe file that is not quite right. I am wondering if it is related to the fact that the cockpit during the night time has got a different lighting...maybe there is something there? So far I have launched the cohokum_test10.exe at least 20 times or more so running out of options here. For Javelin this would probably be a 15 min job to verify what has changed. The only thing I can do atm is to report any issues my end.

Brian - does it work ok for you during the night missions?

When I get a minute I will be tempted to install Windows 7 and see if that problem goes away or not as currently I am using Win10

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