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Thanks XIII ! It really does change the nature of the sim, doesn't it. Flying the helos is such a pleasure now.

Cohokum_Test7.exe is up on the server. Two major changes.

1. I altered Altitude-Hold to add the Barometric Altitude mode the real Comanche has. When you engage it over 200 meters (660 ft) your helo flys level at altitude, until you fly at a mountain. When your Radar Altitude drops to less than 100 meters (about 300 ft) it shifts into ground following mode so you don't hit the mountain. It's pretty seamless in operation. All of the Russian helicopters do just fine on this mode also.

In testing it I ran into an annoying problem, though. Why does the Comanche Altimeter quit at 500 ft? That's just stupid, someone should fix that. The Apache at least goes up to 1500 ft.

2. I fixed the nose-down problem with the AH-1's, so now the Viper, SeaCobra, and SuperCobra will fly correctly on Altitude-Hold. Before, over 100 knots the darn things would nose down and hit the ground. I don't really know why, but I fixed it anyway.

Brilliant work!

As for the Comanche quitting at 500ft, I think I remember seeing somewhere that the radar alt stopped at 500ft, so that was how the gauge was built. I remember seeing something like that for my blackhawk project, but I've not looked at the code for quite a while now I can't really remember (makes mental note to pick up the blackhawk project again)