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Hi Polak, I've decided not to modify the AutoPilot since it does seem to operate reasonably well. I've been busy playing the sim instead!

Indeed I am too slowly re-learning this sim.

As far as Autopilot is concerned I only noticed that it hesitates right after the takeoff. Also Hover Hold works in Autopilot no matter what speed it is.

Some other minor problems maybe there but then again it the heat of the battle it is easy to lose track of the proper key commands which are pretty "many" to remember as well as simulation is pretty complex and intense in what is going on around the player. I decided to give more time into learning all the important key commands because without it is rather hard to fully enjoy.

So it is pretty much on going and slow process "two steps forward and one back". Time permitting I shall be checking this forum for news and interesting discussions. Thanks.