I've used the most current version of the Master Branch 1.16.0+changes on the EECH server, and I'm using Watcom 1.9, OpenAL11, but I haven't incorporated OgreEE yet. Maybe that's the difference. Ogre moves some of the graphics processing to the graphics card. It isn't fully incorporated yet though, the guys are just starting on that upgrade.

Kiowa Warrior:
I've tried just about everything I can think of, but I haven't had any success at altering the Kiowa. The problem is not in the dyn file and it's not in the ki_dyn.c file, I replaced both of those files with generic Comanche files as a test. No Luck. There are a lot of custom statements in the code to handle the Kiowa's single engine, maybe if we ripped all that out and simply halved the engine size (and kept two) that might fix it.