I tried this out today in the Apache only, and it's great. The helo feels much more realistic in manoeuvring.

I was trying out the hover hold and pop-up. I hit the ground a few times, so I'll try and recreate it and see what happens.

Also, when I engage Hover or Stable-hover, it drops me to 20m and hovers there. Even if I was much higher when I engaged it. Again, I'll try it again and see if it happens every time.

Another thing I noticed. When I first engaged Pop up, it went up 20m. But then after I'd used alt-j/k to adjust my height, it went up a lot more.

It also dropped me into the ground when I switched pop-up off.

I think what I did was...

Engage pop-up, adjust height down using alt-J
dis-engage pop-up - dropped to the ground.

I didn't have time to properly watch everything I was doing, so I'll try it step by step. I'll try it another time and let you know.