Thanks Havoc13, It makes a huge difference doesn't it. I use Stable-Hover and Altitude-Hold all the time now, and the helos fly more like they should.
I'm looking at the external MFD's right now since I just hooked mine up, the Blackshark and the Hind aren't working.

Just to elaborate on how things work for the purists out there, the Velocity Stabilization part of the EECH Alt-Hold control only works while traveling forwards. It doesn't maintain a velocity or heading sideways or backwards like the real Comanche flight control system does. Sorry about that. It would really take a LOT of work in order to make it function sideways. Right now it only controls the Pitch, sideways control would have to use a mix of Pitch and Roll in order to work correctly. On the real Comanche, Velocity Stabilization is also on a separate button from Altitude Hold, it's combined on the Hover Hold button.

On our system Hover/Stable Hover are for sitting still, Altitude Hold is for terrain following.
Here's what the panel looked like in the real Comanche:

[Linked Image]

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