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Flying Legends 2017 - Footage Captured on a Sony FS700 at 240 frames-per-second Event Photography & Video 02/01/18 05:19 PM
Toning down the fuel tank fire effect after listening to community feedback IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 01/08/18 01:25 PM
Patch released for Blitz - Steering wheel crashes and net lag issues IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 12/28/17 04:40 PM
PLEASE REPORT ANY ISSUES USING OUR BUGTRACKER - Link here IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 12/16/17 11:29 AM
IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz is now public and available on Steam :) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 12/14/17 06:33 PM
Live Stream of v4.5 RC this weekend 2nd/3rd December IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 11/30/17 01:30 PM
109E4 vs Spitfire MKIIa in Beta testing v4.49 IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 11/18/17 11:57 AM
IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover - Blitz Edition relaunch video IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 11/10/17 03:11 PM
109 Pilots, a helping hand for those who choose it :) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 11/04/17 09:43 PM
Two new videos from Beta testing v4.49 - lighting and particle effects shown IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 11/02/17 06:02 PM
Me-110 C6 Attack footage on various aircraft - Beta testing v4.49 IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 11/01/17 10:34 AM
Beta footage v4.49 by JG4_hanseat showing the 110-C6 in action IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 10/29/17 12:26 PM
Footage captured by JG4_Karaya in the first Beta Release Candidate. IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 10/26/17 05:00 PM
Dogfighting over France in Beta v4.49 IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 10/21/17 01:18 PM
Video showing Original Landscape - v4.312 and then v4.49 Beta IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 10/20/17 10:32 AM
A selection of images by Larry69 from beta testing v4.49 IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 10/18/17 01:09 PM
Beaufighter IF Test by ATAG_Lewis - Beta 4.49 IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 10/15/17 10:13 AM
Team Fusion Simulations are now testing the release candidate for v4.5 :) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 10/03/17 02:18 PM
Just a heads up on the push to release v4.5 :) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 09/17/17 09:57 PM
Had a chance to take a 109 up over v4.5 WiP French Landscape. Images :) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 08/22/17 12:18 PM
As Autumn sets in, here's a glimpse of the updated French textures. Cheers, MP IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 08/12/17 08:21 PM
Larry worked out how to land your Ai flight so they don't crash into the ground (video) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 08/02/17 12:19 PM
Lancaster Bomber "Just Jane" Engine Run at East Kirkby Airbase - May 13th 2017 Event Photography & Video 05/16/17 01:19 PM
Happy Easter Aeronautica Macchi pilots from Team Fusion Simulations :) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 04/16/17 04:12 PM
Full Mission Builder and Script users, what new game ON-events would you like to see? IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 04/10/17 12:46 PM
TFS Update 06/04/2017 Channel Map Work in Progress IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 04/06/17 05:39 PM
The Source Code has arrived - Now the fun begins :) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 04/05/17 08:19 AM
Team Fusion Simulations patch v4.312 available via Steam IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 03/26/17 06:21 PM
Team Fusion Simulations Update - In-game footage of the Gladiator MK.II IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 03/24/17 04:49 PM
TFS - Yes, now it is official - We have signed the agreement with 1C - Link here :) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 03/23/17 02:50 PM
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