Hi and thanks for your continued support smile

So as much as we would love to have the most perfect release of software ever in the release of software since time began, of-course there are some bugs that have sneaked through and are causing issues for a few players.

Currently there are many threads on many forums and it is almost impossible to keep track of an issue if they are posted somewhere we can't see it.

Please can anyone having issues register on a Bugtracker forum , read the guidelines first and then after seeing that your issue hasn't already been reported, submit a bug report.

TFS are currently monitoring the Bugtracker and looking at issues affecting the release of Blitz with the aim to create a better user experience for everyone.

You will need to register if you haven't already but this will be the best way for us to work on resolving issues for Blitz.

Thanks for your help and support, cheers, TFS thumbsup