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EAW 1.6+
Yesterday at 03:38 PM
When night missions became possible in EAW Knegel thought it was unreasonable to locate an enemy aircraft by pressing "T" given that they were harder to see. So he invented "night radar" for fairer play. If you click "T" and the target aircraft is o...
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IL-2: Cliffs of Dover
09/18/23 01:42 PM
Hey everyone, Our good friend Polak and his ~OBT Squad have created a series of Channel online events recreating the Adlertag operation launched by the Luftwaffe on August 17, 1940 at the height of the Battle of Britain. This event will be accessible to both Blitz-only and Blit...
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ARMA Series
09/17/23 10:51 AM
ARMA X: ANNIVERSARY EDITION. If any of you fancy buying any of the older Arma games, Steam has a good sale on at the moment which lasts until the 25th Sept. I had a few on disk years ago when i played them at release and lost them when Arma 3 cane out. Despite having over 350 h...
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