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Yesterday at 02:09 PM
I've watched the Foods, and cars series about what built America,,And enjoyed those and all the others..Watching " The cars that built the world" Fantasizing stuff and well presented ,The History Channel has a winner here..It's Mercedes/Benz now..Great to see the His...
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IL-2: Cliffs of Dover
Yesterday at 11:22 AM
Hi All, This weekend, we find ourselves back on the ATAG server and fighting over the burning hot 1940 skies of SE England. Starting earlier this weekend, we hope that this time will work for European players that are generally unable to stay up later at night. The event wil...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
08/15/22 06:40 PM
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Community Hall
08/14/22 06:59 PM
TJ3 History. They have things like this. ...
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Naval Simulations
08/14/22 04:44 PM
Firstly, is anyone still playing? It's rather quiet down here. So, the Puerto Rico is back in the dockyard. It looks as if you can obtain it this time without giving up your life to Wargaming. I have bought a starter pack (you can't get it free) and I will grind the rest. I bou...
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Community Hall
08/14/22 09:45 AM
This video found me the other day. He also has a video about the time Avsim got hacked. I'm not sure I was aware of that but it was a very interesting watch nonetheless. ...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
08/13/22 04:57 AM
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
08/12/22 02:22 PM
Current Known issues in V1.33 12 August 2022 1) Squadrons that are not 'operational' can currently carry out historical attack or defence missions. This is not the desired behaviour and will be changed to not allowing them to partake in historical incoming raids. Also shows...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
08/12/22 05:59 AM
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Wings: Over The Reich - Technical Issues
08/12/22 01:02 AM
Hi, I just reinstalled WOTR and updated to 1.24. Great sim! I notice in the workshop that this feature (in subject line) is whited out and cannot be changed. Am I just noticing this now or has it always been this way? Thanks....
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