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IL-2: Great Battles
2 hours ago
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Community Hall
3 hours ago
I thought this was really well done:
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 01:49 PM
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
Yesterday at 05:36 AM
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
10/17/19 06:08 PM
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
10/16/19 03:56 PM
Jasta 18 start of April 1917 is right next to the front line. Seems awful close. Is this correct? Shouldn't arty bombardments go on the whole North to south rather than East to West? That way following trech system rather than cutting across it. What happened to gas clouds? Hav...
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EAW 1.6+
10/16/19 11:34 AM
The Allied Carrier was the first raised deck carrier in EAW. It was introduced in 1.28c so that pilots could learn to take off and land on the raised deck carrier. Since then it has remained in the 1.28 ETO theatre. However, routines added to the code in later versions made use o...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
10/14/19 08:45 PM
Air Traffic at Bristol International Airport (EGGD) for XP11. Scenery by PilotPlus. I hope you like it ...
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After Action Reports
10/14/19 08:08 PM
Col. Harvey Gunslinger 37th Armor Battalion 4th Aromor CCR, Ardennes 1944. The Para's are surrounded at Bastone so the 4th was ordered to spearhead. Dispatching a recon we encountered an enemy force Est. at 5 platoons scattered in the village and tree lines. I had the Re...
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EAW 1.6+
10/14/19 05:32 PM
We had a lot of fun today because being SPAW there is a lot of sea, so there is a lot of ships. What has never been done before, at least to this extent, is the stacking of targetable objects on the decks of ships. This makes the fun, and the screenies are from an online session ...
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Modern Era
10/14/19 05:06 AM
Hi! i have not been able to find any explanation elsewhere online or in the falcon manual, so i hope someone here might have more knowledge on the topic: why was the cockpit of the F16 in the spectrum holobyte falcon, falcon AT and Falcon 3.0 all built around some single centre...
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10/13/19 11:54 PM
Just got off an hour playing this very decent sim. I'm out of practice, and finally got shot down during the instant action/fly now scenario. Pretty good graphics, and challenging flight model, once all the choices are maxxed-out. Anyone playing this game on Win 10?...
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Outer Space Simulation & Combat Games
10/13/19 05:20 PM
I bought this game years and years ago and I loved it. Now my nephew is very interested in the Mercury program and I still find this is one of the best simulators not only because the way the capsule systems are modeled but also the way the entire Mercury ground system was modele...
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IL-2: Cliffs of Dover
10/12/19 09:50 PM Cheers, Pattle...
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European Air War
10/12/19 07:21 PM
This is a copy of a posting on the 352FG site. None of the hardware is state -of- the art nor very old[ quote] Hello Guys, I think that the period of bumbling and fumbling is now pretty much over. I have The HP Win 10 computer functioning and I am able to find my way around ...
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