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Vehicle list for BF2? Tactical Simulations - General 06/29/05 03:26 PM
Boiling Point - anyone played it yet? Tactical Simulations - General 06/07/05 11:17 AM
Kuma:War - worth buying? Tactical Simulations - General 04/19/05 08:51 AM
Uncompressed + editable "Operation Tiger Hunt" skins available for D/L Armor Simulations - General 01/01/05 11:21 AM
Need info on Sherman turret rotation speed Armor Simulations - General 12/30/04 04:16 PM
Question to Xambrium about "Operation Tiger Hunt" Armor Simulations - General 12/28/04 03:48 PM
Thoughts on iPanzer 44 Armor Simulations - General 12/23/04 03:14 PM
iPanzer 44 - any good? Armor Simulations - General 12/13/04 08:35 PM
How to extract files from M1TP2 archives? Armor Simulations - General 12/05/04 08:40 PM
Question about patches for Steel Beasts 1 Gold Steel Beasts Series 12/01/04 03:25 PM
Anywhere to buy Steel Beasts 1 in the UK? Steel Beasts Series 11/29/04 04:29 PM
H&D2 Sabre Squadron: Question about MP bots Tactical Simulations - General 11/10/04 09:53 AM
Need help from any programmers out there! Tactical Simulations - General 09/27/04 05:31 PM
Wings of War + modding potential - WW1 sim fans please read! Knights Over Europe (Read Only) 08/15/04 05:49 PM
Anyone still have a copy of SWON? (Missions and realism mod) WW II 03/30/04 06:01 PM
Anyone still have a copy of Secret Weapons over Normandy? Modern Era 03/28/04 11:59 AM
Some more WW2 vehicles in development for my game.. Battle of Britain + Battle of Britain II 08/04/03 03:05 PM
WW2 tech demo uploaded! Battle of Britain + Battle of Britain II 07/24/03 04:24 PM
Yet more info on my WW2 game - also, anyone interested in a tech demo? Battle of Britain + Battle of Britain II 07/23/03 10:41 AM
CFS3 Mk. I Spitfire and Hurricane at Sim-Outhouse WW II 07/02/03 07:43 PM
Some wireframe pics and info from my WW2 game Battle of Britain + Battle of Britain II 05/19/03 01:30 PM
Need info on WW2 Europe airfields and industrial centres (for a game I'm writing) Battle of Britain + Battle of Britain II 05/18/03 07:06 PM
Updated list of 3rd-party aircraft WW II 04/09/03 02:01 PM
Alpha version of my campaign/tweak mod finally ready WW II 03/23/03 01:32 PM
Working on a tweak/balancing mod - anyone interested? WW II 02/28/03 02:20 PM
Is the ammo load for the CFS3 bombers correct? WW II 01/31/03 12:18 PM
Couple of questions on Resistance + addon sites Operation: Flashpoint (Read Only) 12/06/02 09:37 PM
Effectiveness (or lack of) of 30-cal MGs vs. ground targets WW II 11/22/02 04:37 PM
Anyone think an " IL2Centre"-type website would be useful for CFS3? WW II 11/21/02 02:09 PM
"Road to Rome" Med/Italy expansion pack for BF1942 announced Tactical Simulations - General 11/14/02 09:54 PM
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