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So I got an idea for an FPS mod and........ Tactical Simulations - General 08/20/16 09:48 PM
What is this strange obsession with 16 inch .308/7.62 X 51mm rifles? Community Hall 08/17/16 11:32 AM
So Iran is claiming they can jam a TOW missile. Community Hall 05/14/16 02:49 PM
Modded German campaign "onslaught" Graviteam Sims 04/23/16 03:16 PM
A fist full of anti tank hand grenades mini itty bitty WIP mod for MIUS FRONT. Graviteam Sims 04/22/16 03:44 PM
Looking for some tester for modded Mius Front campaign Graviteam Sims 04/15/16 01:51 AM
Mius Front: Some thoughts. Graviteam Sims 04/07/16 01:54 AM
Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front AAR or something. After Action Reports 03/16/16 03:48 AM
Some random Mius Front screenshots. Graviteam Sims 03/04/16 03:57 AM
Starbucks.... what are you thinking... Community Hall 03/01/16 01:01 PM
Is Xcom2 on anyones radar? Community Hall 02/05/16 04:47 AM
My m38a1 and sabow. Weird stuff. Graviteam Sims 10/29/15 04:28 AM
So I just watched some lets play SABOW type vids... Graviteam Sims 10/17/15 12:10 AM
Minimod 2.1 out the door for Basra DLC Graviteam Sims 10/11/15 01:32 PM
Help! Need Sukhoi SU-2 experts! RC & Scale Modeling 09/15/15 06:08 AM
So I ended up in the ER again yesterday..... Community Hall 08/20/15 07:19 AM
US General quiz Community Hall 06/15/15 12:49 AM
New toy, of the firearm sort Community Hall 04/02/15 11:05 PM
sabbboooooowwwwwww Graviteam Sims 03/09/15 12:51 AM
What adds are you getting on SIm Hq? Community Hall 02/07/15 01:22 PM
Anyone have good drawings/blue prints for a Flak 18 or 36 88mm? RC & Scale Modeling 01/16/15 08:52 PM
Farming simulator.... Community Hall 11/12/14 08:19 AM
75 percent off on steam for GTOS till the 10th. Graviteam Sims 11/07/14 04:46 AM
Well I reinstalled RO2 again Tactical Simulations - General 10/30/14 01:13 PM
Darth Vader will save Ukraine? Community Hall 10/25/14 12:05 AM
So what makes a good Tactical game? Of course you need to define what that is. Tactical Simulations - General 10/23/14 06:22 AM
Something to make you feel "old" Community Hall 10/23/14 01:08 AM
What the heck???!!!!! Cats in a ....... Community Hall 09/27/14 08:43 PM
Some wackiness with modded SH5 Naval Simulations 09/10/14 06:10 AM
Version .24 seems to finally be live on steam Kerbal Space Program 07/17/14 11:02 PM
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