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4K60 M-11 Shtorm (SA-N-3 Goblet) SAM Simulator 07/04/15 07:14 PM
Seeking help on issues with Jutland and Distant Guns. Naval Simulations 07/14/11 07:12 PM
Gunsight portrayal in MIG Alley and SF2, F-86 vs F-100, a question. Community Hall 10/24/10 05:49 PM
New to playing online question. Community Hall 10/22/10 09:42 PM
LOMAC Platinum Keyboard issue? Flaming Cliffs / LOMAC 10/22/10 08:47 PM
Looking for recomendations for book on light/medium bomers in WWII. Books 04/23/10 03:22 PM
Finaly I have had a kill. Rise of Flight - The First Great Air War 03/11/10 07:39 PM
Best climb speed for aircraft in game? Rise of Flight - The First Great Air War 03/06/10 01:46 PM
What is your favorite aircraft gun armament? Third Wire Series 03/05/10 03:28 AM
Look for a good WWII forum to ask some history questions in. Community Hall 03/04/10 08:16 PM
Keyboard Layouts sheet? Third Wire Series 03/03/10 12:46 AM
F-4E anf F--4J cockpit, radar and gunsight problems. Third Wire Series 02/26/10 02:19 PM
MW2 player profiles and Steam? Tactical Simulations - General 02/18/10 12:36 AM
F-100 Vs. MIG-19 comparison and contrast. Modern Era 02/11/10 06:56 PM
New Russian fighter test flight. T-50? Community Hall 02/02/10 02:45 PM
Looking for some advice on the last tranning mission. Rise of Flight - The First Great Air War 01/26/10 03:39 AM
Using Strike Firhters to help whith BFM? Third Wire Series 01/22/10 03:16 AM
Should I buy this game? Rise of Flight - The First Great Air War 01/19/10 01:00 AM
Mod recomendations for SF2? Third Wire Series 01/17/10 05:46 PM
Damage modeling in SF2? Third Wire Series 01/16/10 11:26 PM
How do you use the F-8 Crusder's gunsight? Third Wire Series 01/13/10 04:43 AM
Confusing moderrn game acronyms? Community Hall 01/09/10 09:52 PM
Planing to buy Third Wire Game where to start? Third Wire Series 01/09/10 03:50 AM
Help with TrackIR 5 Softwhare modifining profiles? Hardware & Software - PC 01/09/10 02:46 AM
HMD in sims? Modern Era 01/07/10 04:57 AM
Remaping TrackIR keys for FSX? Civil Aviation - General 01/06/10 05:01 PM
Specal on TLC about U.S. Aiways, Flight 1549. Community Hall 01/03/10 11:19 PM
Looking for help in restoring the fun to flight sims. Community Hall 12/30/09 11:28 PM
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