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Fighting multiple adversaries in jets - advice wanted for kills on AI and human pilots. Air Combat Maneuvers & Tactics 05/28/19 12:31 PM
Subnautica is amazing and frightening Community Hall 05/19/19 04:28 AM
Peripheral Vertigo. What an awful condition Community Hall 04/23/19 10:39 AM
Mattress help, people? Community Hall 02/13/19 10:18 AM
Anyone here have experience dealing with stroke / rehab? Community Hall 09/22/18 08:52 PM
Coffee..What's your preference? Community Hall 02/28/18 05:45 PM
FSLabs installed password grabbing malware on customers' computers. (A320) Community Hall 02/21/18 02:59 PM
Name your best wines - One affordable, One top quality Community Hall 02/20/18 04:20 PM
Anyone oil painting? Community Hall 12/08/17 10:13 AM
Russian guy travels across the US on freight trains. Amazing. Community Hall 10/10/17 07:34 AM
Cleaning joystick/throttle potentiometers? Community Hall 10/04/17 01:08 PM
How can we get our youth more interested in smart things? Community Hall 09/07/17 05:44 AM
Great cockpit video explaining Concorde's flight profile Community Hall 08/30/17 07:27 AM
You're in the wilderness alone with no chance of rescue - what gun and ammunition would you choose? Community Hall 08/04/17 03:44 PM
Do you have a first aid or medical kit? What's in it? Community Hall 07/19/17 05:26 PM
Second try at this.. Getting Falcon working with MS Sidewinder USB stick? Falcon 4.0 07/08/17 12:49 PM
How about enabling HTTPS sitewide? Site Feedback & Suggestions 07/07/17 03:45 AM
Who's ambidextrous? Or partially ambidextrous? Community Hall 07/03/17 11:36 AM
CMANO is on sale for under $30, 65% off the usual $80! Naval Simulations 06/28/17 07:28 AM
What did you buy today? Community Hall 06/20/17 09:34 AM
Is the decline of simulations because people are getting dumber? Community Hall 06/19/17 09:27 AM
Steam sale: Fleet command, Sub Command, Dangers Waters & Jane's 688i for under $6 Naval Simulations 05/19/17 11:54 AM
Who grills & smokes meat & other stuff at home? Community Hall 05/15/17 12:52 PM
Getting started? SAM Simulator 05/03/17 02:49 PM
Recommend some war sims/games for short laptop sessions Community Hall 05/03/17 02:48 AM
Want combat tactic books, sniper/scout books & combat medic books (All squad level plz) Books 04/28/17 01:00 AM
Upgrading from SB Pro PE 2.6 to 4, how to, how much? Steel Beasts Series 04/21/17 04:54 PM
Ever looked through a telescope? Community Hall 04/02/17 06:57 AM
Main forum needs an obituary thread Site Feedback & Suggestions 02/01/17 04:09 PM
Best budget card that can handle Oculus Rift? Hardware & Software - PC 11/07/16 03:02 PM
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