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Oral history project, interviews with aviation greats... Community Hall 04/18/20 11:02 PM
While awaiting the patch.... - New movie by me: "High noon, Low chase" IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 04/19/12 11:59 PM
Austin Meyer announced a total make-over of X-Plane some weeks ago... Community Hall 04/19/12 08:17 PM
My flight sim video web site: Screenshot & Video Gallery 04/14/12 12:52 PM
Our little bonbon is born Community Hall 04/10/12 01:03 PM
Iron Sky.... It premiered!! - Looks to me like the movie sleeper hit of the year. Community Hall 04/01/12 11:18 PM
Any members of Sim Outhouse here? Community Hall 04/01/12 10:28 PM
Next DCS title revealed: surprise! DCS: A-10C Warthog 04/01/12 04:43 PM
New Toshiba tablets in custom shapes Community Hall 04/01/12 04:34 PM
Here's a little tutorial on how to fly the Bf 109... (vid by me...) Community Hall 03/31/12 03:19 PM
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 Tutorial movie, by me IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 03/31/12 02:32 PM
The Shuttle flies again Community Hall 03/09/12 06:06 PM
Talk about a real cougar! Community Hall 03/07/12 11:59 PM
iPad3 Hardware & Software - Mobile & Pads 03/06/12 11:55 PM
Sad to see a hitherto respected web site sell out... Community Hall 03/03/12 11:39 AM
An amazing sports world record! Community Hall 03/02/12 10:51 PM
Friday March 2nd 1C update with pictures IL-2: Cliffs of Dover - Extended Discussions 03/02/12 11:25 AM
Awesome details IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 02/24/12 07:31 AM
Hi-res clip: the sinking of the HMS Barham Community Hall 02/23/12 03:49 PM
Impressive fighting spirit by Danish tank commander in Afghanistan Community Hall 02/23/12 09:05 AM
A fine fight from the Regia Aeronautica! IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 02/18/12 12:55 AM
Adele Community Hall 02/16/12 10:17 PM
Hmm, where did my Spitfire Mk. I Tutorial movie go? (Edit: Ah, there it is...) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 02/13/12 12:44 AM
"Cloud tsunami" in Florida... - Beautiful Community Hall 02/11/12 12:55 PM
This new F/A-18 sim in development had totally gone under my radar... Modern Era 02/11/12 10:19 AM
disregard Rise of Flight - The First Great Air War 02/10/12 11:52 PM
Deadly Ballet - new video by me (and my entry for the CoD movie competition) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 02/10/12 11:15 PM
US Navy finally moving beyond its 700-year old guns Community Hall 02/08/12 10:17 PM
Can you help me with proper aircraft operations for my next video? ( Bf-109E-1/3) IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 02/05/12 11:49 AM
"To my old master" - Letter from an emancipated slave (1865) Community Hall 02/04/12 10:12 PM
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