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Re: Pepsi or Coke? Community Hall 07/17/13 12:48 AM
Re: Star Trek Into Darkness (Spoiler Thread) Outer Space & Science Fiction 05/30/13 11:07 PM
Re: Cool spinning chocolate landscape illusion Community Hall 05/30/13 10:08 PM
Re: Total Biscut / Cynical Brit takes part in a game of King of Tokyo (Boardgame) Community Hall 05/17/13 08:34 PM
Total Biscut / Cynical Brit takes part in a game of King of Tokyo (Boardgame) Community Hall 05/17/13 08:19 PM
Re: Going to the movies reveals my age? Community Hall 04/18/13 12:40 PM
Re: Stephen Hawking predicts end-of-Earth scenario Community Hall 04/14/13 01:18 PM
Re: This made me laugh (Star Wars fans will get it) Community Hall 03/23/13 04:20 AM
Re: The Phantom Menace is actually a good movie Outer Space & Science Fiction 03/21/13 10:28 PM
Re: The toy you always wanted , but never got Community Hall 03/09/13 03:16 AM
Re: Alien: Resurrection--WTF Outer Space & Science Fiction 03/08/13 01:41 AM
Re: What was your favorite childhood toy growing up? Community Hall 03/05/13 09:52 PM
Re: This is why I prefer Rugby to American Football Community Hall 03/03/13 08:40 PM
Re: I used Google Glass: the future, with monthly updates Community Hall 02/22/13 09:11 PM
Re: Chicago O'Hare Airport Toilet Community Hall 01/13/13 08:07 PM
Re: Frell, frak, frag, ruttin', dren and gorram felgercarb! Outer Space & Science Fiction 01/13/13 02:28 AM
Re: White House petition to build the Death Star Outer Space & Science Fiction 01/12/13 05:21 PM
Re: Pacific Rim Outer Space & Science Fiction 12/14/12 01:47 PM
Re: How SyFy Channel has changed Outer Space & Science Fiction 11/14/12 12:08 AM
Re: Wild Bill Stealey - Kickstarter for F35 Lightning II Community Hall 10/20/12 02:58 AM
Re: The Gladiator, in the Arena, with the Gladius.... Community Hall 10/03/12 12:40 AM
Another Blonde Joke.... Community Hall 10/03/12 12:37 AM
Re: Pic of Johnny Damon pitching in Fenway. ha ha! Community Hall 09/26/12 12:07 PM
Re: Funny car stickers Community Hall 09/24/12 01:44 AM
Re: the card game Euchre, anyone play? Community Hall 07/18/12 02:05 AM
Re: Pic of Johnny Damon pitching in Fenway. ha ha! Community Hall 06/03/12 12:25 PM
Re: Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees Community Hall 05/21/12 12:55 AM
Re: Mongolian Throat Singing. Community Hall 05/20/12 11:20 PM
Re: Greatest Sci-Fi commander/captain/leader? Outer Space & Science Fiction 05/07/12 11:55 PM
Re: No Puns In Ten Did Community Hall 02/15/12 03:36 AM
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