Older installations for the GoG-smacked

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Older installations for the GoG-smacked - 12/16/18 06:45 PM

There are seven 7-zip Self installers of the EAW Program and they are all free smile

Use this link: Older Installations

#1. EAW126.exe:
Gives you a 1.26E folder with no addons.
The 1.2-E exe is effectively a 1.2 exe with a no CD crack and some other modifications which I can no longer remember.

#2. EAW12X-126E.exe:
Gives you what is effectively a 1.26E folder with OAW.
OAW only has the two "E-" folders available so the user can pick either the 1.26E exe or the 1.2X exe from the code group with the 7217 fix
The default ETO theatre is used.

#3. 128eFAW2016.exe:
Gives you a stand-alone folder with the 2016 version of Finnish Air War.
It includes the FAW manager.
The EAW exe used is a 1.28e version, dated the 27th November 2016, which was compiled by the code group.

#4. EAW129 July2016:
Gives you a stand-alone UAW1.29 installation
It has the old and new map versions of the 1.29 exe, and 9 different theatres.
BoB, DAW, ETO with planesets, Malta, Ray's 2015 ETO, SWOTL, SPAW, SAW, ETO Trains and barges.
The "DSP128-9.exe" is provided as the file-manager.
There is a file in the LongDirSets folder named "Mediterranean Air War (Malta and North Africa)" which should have been removed as it causes a CTD when selected. DAW and Malta are there in any case.
However,DAW has the original dodgy planeset with some aircraft having the wrong nationality. The Malta theatre is just about the same, but has a more realistic planeset.

#5. 1.28c_JellyPack.exe:
Installs 1.28c with the DirSetExeManagerV5. filemanager.
This enables you to select one of three versions of the eaw.exe, and eight theatres in addition to the default 1.28C ETO theatre which had the Allied Carrier.
The theatres are DAW, KAW, Malta, Russia-Germany (winter), SWOTL, SPAW, SPAW45 and SAW.

#6. 129EAW640x480.exe:

This installs the special version of the 1.29 old map exe which uses 640480 screens.
It has a filemanager and a number of experimental WIP theatres that Moggy was working on. These were added to test the exe, but some are of little use as they are incomplete
There is also the 1.28c version of VBH's Pacific Tide III.

This version of the 1.29 exe was made for modders who want to re-vamp old theatres and use the 640x480 screens, but allowing the additional features of UAW1.29 to be used if required.

#7. EuropeanAirWar128.exe:

This installs a standalone 1.28 version, which is what GoG provide wink

Possible issues:

You may need the VB runtime files for the filemanagers and OAW. Let me know if there are any problems

wink Jel

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Re: Older installations at MediaFire - 12/16/18 08:23 PM

One user 'SkyHigh' is having issues with the game CTD while entering the flight screen, apparently his high res (widescreen setting) is effecting the game. (1.29 NewMap 26th January 2016) eaw.exe.
However every other version of EAW he is using works with his widend res. He may have an account here, I forgot if he did.

Theres a post over on CombatACE EAW Forum about this....
Posted By: MrJelly

Re: Older installations at MediaFire - 12/17/18 04:31 AM

I cannot do anything about it as I cannot simulate the problem on my 1920x1080 screen frown
Posted By: SkyHigh

Re: Older installations at MediaFire - 12/17/18 07:53 AM

Gentlemen, I have narrowed it down further. The ctd only occurs with 'new map' exe's. When I use an 'old map' one, everything works splendidly in 1.29.
Posted By: MrJelly

Re: Older installations at MediaFire - 12/17/18 09:11 AM

The "new map" exes need the new pilot-map files. The system came in with 1.29 which was the first EAW exe that was able to use tilemaps of different sizes.
Because of this it needed an alternative pilot-map system when the tilemap was not 640x320 (as with the experimental LittleBoB and WW1 theatres).
Instead of using the "Europe1.pic" the new map exes use "TargMap.pic" and "TargMap1.pic"
In 160 the default ETO "TargMap.pic" and "TargMap1.pic" files are in the "GameData" folder, and are used whenever a 640x320 tilemap ETO theatre is chosen.
However, there may be no similar back-up in the "Pic.CDF" file in 1.29.
The CTD occurs because one of the maps is used as the background for the loading process when you hit "Fly", unless you are in 1040x768 which uses the"fuel dial" loading screen background.

I will check some of my other 1.29 "PicCDF" files,because there may be a version which has the new maps in it, and this would fix that CTD.
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Re: Older installations at MediaFire - 12/17/18 11:50 AM

Thank you. At least I'm up and running now.

What precise improvements, apart from the tilemap ones mentioned, does 1.29 offer compared, for example, to 1.28EV21? Are there improvements in the AI or FM\DM's?
Posted By: MrJelly

Re: Older installations at MediaFire - 12/17/18 05:29 PM

In all versions up to and including 1.28E the 640x320 tilemap was read from the "eaw.tm" file which had 1 byte for each tile. If the byte = 0 then you got Tile0 facing north, if the byte = 1 you got Tile1 facing north,.......... and if it = 63 you got tile 63 facing north.
If the byte = 64 then you got Tile0 facing east, and if it = 127 you got Tile63 facing east. The pattern continued with bytes of 128...191 being Tiles 0...63 facing south, and bytes of 192...255 being Tiles 0...63 facing west.
So this system imposed a limit of 64 tiles (Tile0....Tile63) in order to have the possibility of the N E S W orientation if there was only 1 byte available.

Will Gee came up with a new system with four bytes per tile. The first three are the tile ID so it is possible to have 16777216 different tiles instead of 64, not that anyone would design so many.
The fourth is either a 0, 64, 128 or 192 for the N E S W orientation.
1.28F was the first exe to use this system, and the exe reads the "eaw32.tm" file and not the "eaw.tm".
There are a few theatres which use more than the old 64 tiles, and additional tiles have been added to the previous ones.

1.29 was basically 1.28F, but with the flexible tilemap size.

As it was mainly Knegel who programmed the flight modelling very little has been done in that area in terms of aircraft performance for several years. I have done more programming of the torpedo code, so that AI torpedo planes get to the right level and speed for the torpedo release. Things have been done in other aspects of flight modelling with values allowing a plane to be a floatplane which can only take off from water or land on it. other values allow a plane to be an amphibian which can use land or water; and other values simulate a catapult launch. Additionally 160 has a very large range of weapons thanks to Ray.
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Re: Older installations at MediaFire - 12/17/18 06:51 PM

Thank you.
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