New scam

Posted By: KraziKanuK

New scam - 07/22/19 06:25 AM

At least here in Canada it is.

At ~1:30AM the phone rings. Now before I get jumped for answering the phone at that time, I have a 99 year young Mother and even tho she is in fairly good health one never knows. A female voice with what sounds like an authentic accent says `This is the`Australian National Broadband Network blah, blah, blah and in 24 hrs you will be disconnected. Please push #! to talk to a technician blah, blah, blah.

No I didn`t push #1.

Posted By: Mad Max

Re: New scam - 07/22/19 07:07 AM

Why Canada?
Posted By: KraziKanuK

Re: New scam - 07/22/19 07:17 AM

Your guess is as good as mine.
Posted By: BD-123

Re: New scam - 07/22/19 07:35 AM

I've disconnected my landline phones as every call is an automated voice telling me I'm going to be disconnected from a service or utility I don't even subscribe to. Or an unintelligible Indian voice asking for 'Mister Rachel Cartwright".
Now elderly relatives have all passed we don't need it! the call filtering in place seems to be easily circumscribed here in UK.
Posted By: Chucky

Re: New scam - 07/22/19 08:55 AM

I regularly block these numbers but they keep trying. My mum has had the broadband one many times and she's never had the internet. Luckily she can recognise these types of calls as scams but there are plenty of elderly that don't.

If you want to see how these scams operate then I recommend you check out Jim Browning https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBNG0osIBAprVcZZ3ic84vw

Unlike a lot of Youtubers that just take the pi$$ and waste the scammers time,Jim goes into it more deeply,even taking control of their PC's and in some cases getting refunds for the victims.
Posted By: PanzerMeyer

Re: New scam - 07/22/19 10:33 AM

Originally Posted by Mad Max
Why Canada?

Maybe it's a British Commonwealth scam?
Posted By: Alicatt

Re: New scam - 07/22/19 06:04 PM

We are getting them here too, but at least if you answer in Flemish they hang up on you smile

In the UK I went ex directory and that has stopped 99.9% of calls about pet insurance etc. etc. etc.
Posted By: rwatson

Re: New scam - 07/22/19 07:13 PM

Used to get those Some heavily accent that he was with "The Goveeerrnnment " Tried the call blocking but still got 15 calls in one day similar dude,,Different number,,They even had a local area code and town name,,Another one was a travel agency saying their records showed I had taken cruises with them in the past..It's a small town here and there isn't no travel agencies in town..And the only cruise I've been on was a young Marine in the Med..
So changed my number and don't let it out on any websites that ask When I don't recognize the caller I.D. I don't answer ..Family and friends don't hide their names..And heck some of them I'd rather not talk to
Posted By: 33lima

Re: New scam - 07/22/19 07:19 PM

We got one of those here (UK) the other day, didn't press 1 or anything else for that matter. Sort of people you would like to surprise in a dark alleyway while in possession of a pick axe handle, or at the very least a good, solid baseball bat.

Does no harm to dream.
Posted By: rwatson

Re: New scam - 07/22/19 07:42 PM

I agree 33 Lima....
Sad thing I'm 70 but still have most of my marbles..I know the government,,utilities don't call to "verify" information But I see all the time where seniors"send bail to Mexico"..or pay back taxes they don't owe ,,Right now I have 10,000 emails in my internet provider email account in many languages,,promising me riches Glad I have a personal one and only friends get that one..but that's my mistake when registering for sim sites I gave it out and talk to my M8's on my clean account..
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