MotoGP 19 Game

Posted By: RSColonel_131st

MotoGP 19 Game - 06/08/19 01:37 AM

Hi all,

Just a headsup for the few people here I know who've enjoyed those motorbike games in the past:

Yesterday's 2019 release of Milestone's MotoGP series is maybe the best they ever made. It's really good visually, it's mostly bugfree (and no serious ones), it has a nice and wide variety of content (including historic bikes, riders and tracks), it has a new "neural" supposedly self-learning AI which actually works kinda cool.

I'd say just like the Codemaster F1 series this is a very accessible racing title that does provide enough of a challenge for more serious players, and it works well with a gamepad so you don't need to invest in a wheel setup.

The 2008 version of this game was my entry level drug into more serious racing simulations, and for anyone interested in such this might be the new way to get hooked.
Posted By: W-Molders

Re: MotoGP 19 Game - 06/11/19 03:09 AM

my thing about these games is... from a person have has done track days with my CBR1000 (since sold) there has been no way to HOLD a line with the controls.. it always moves the bike in a constant motion ...
Posted By: RSColonel_131st

Re: MotoGP 19 Game - 06/11/19 09:24 AM

True, with these games you are either fully over, or straight. Anything in between is hard, a very precise pad does help.
Posted By: Chucky

Re: MotoGP 19 Game - 06/11/19 12:26 PM

I've never felt at home on any bike racing sim that I can remember. It never feels right. I've never raced but 43 years of riding tells me it's always 'off' in these games.
Posted By: Zamzow

Re: MotoGP 19 Game - 06/13/19 07:09 PM

I found the holy grail - GP Bikes from Piboso. No other bike game I've ever tried, going back to 1998, comes close to this. It feels SO real. It's also the only one where the cockpit view truly works well (aside from some of the really arcadey ones of course).

There's a demo for it too. I'm running it with an Xbox 360 controller and it's amazing. They also have a dirt bike game too, very hard at first but I'm getting there...

Someday I want to run it like THIS

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