Google entering game hosting

Posted By: PanzerMeyer

Google entering game hosting - 02/22/19 03:04 PM

Looks like Google could be a serious competitor to Steam, Uplay, Origin and other services if they decide to do PC games as well.

Posted By: Bill_Grant

Re: Google entering game hosting - 02/22/19 03:34 PM

I don't think this will go well unless it is for phones.
Because they are primarily and Advertising Company, i suspect they will have way too many ads.
Posted By: wheelsup_cavu

Re: Google entering game hosting - 02/24/19 05:39 PM

I can see it now. You kill someone in your FPS and you get an add for paper towels to clean up the mess.
"Tired of ordinary paper towels not doing the job, Then get Bounty paper towels, The quicker picker upper, so you never have to worry about leaving behind actionable evidence ever again."

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Posted By: Coot

Re: Google entering game hosting - 02/24/19 06:36 PM

Google is a creepy entity. I hope it fails.
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