Campaigns BMS 4.34

Posted By: theOden

Campaigns BMS 4.34 - 06/16/19 10:24 AM

How are you guys fairing with campaigns in 434?

I've failed the early morning mission 1 in Rolling Fire 3 times in a row now getting shot down like the useless e-pilot I am.
SA-2 twice and a ugly MiG21 once on my way home from Wonsan area thinking I was all good.

Resetting my logbook each time I will be forever 2Lt smile

Am I the only one thinking it's all gotten much harder?
Maybe I've just lost the touch?

Last attempt I even tried to go HARM-CAP but had problems getting 88 #2 off the rails and poff, the guideline caught me.

Sharing a picture of my wingman for your effort to read my girly-whine post (was cool to see my shadow on his tail)

/2nd Lt Oden

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Posted By: schnidrman

Re: Campaigns BMS 4.34 - 06/16/19 02:29 PM

It is more realistic in terms of how the AI behave.

Red air is pretty heavy at the start and the Sams wait until you trespass further into their zones before targeting you. Don't forget about other stand off weapons like JSOWs and SBDs.

In MP we generally have pilots firing HARMs at the SAM sites while others ingress with SBD/JSOWs while the SAMs are suppressed. You should be able to do this as well with the AI pilots in your flight by giving them Harms and ordering them to attack your target while you ingress on the SAM sites. We are able to take down SA-10s in OP. Bear Trap using this technique.

You need to re-think your tactics a bit which almost makes this latest update a whole new ball game.

When you wear down the Red side a bit you can start using some of your old tactics again, but the AD has gotten smarter about turning on and off radar, so you gotta give 'em a little more respect now. Also the Red air AI will split up on you and get you in a pincer if you aren't careful.

There is no shame in aborting if things don't go as planned. You can always refuel and make a second run as well if things go awry on the first run.

Have fun learning new techniques and don't worry too much about the log book or rank ATM.
Posted By: theOden

Re: Campaigns BMS 4.34 - 06/16/19 09:21 PM

I guess you're right, time to figure out a new approach for the initial hours of the campaign.
What did surprise me a but was how late the SA-2's in this case lit up.
I was a bit sloppy to be honest but suddenly having 3 blinking "2" on my RWR was more than I could handle.

Need to play a little with the SAM operators and see if I can trigger them from a safer distance (maybe send my wingman over there smile naaaa, I shouldn't)

Hopefully this hasn't become a multiplayer only environment now.
Posted By: schnidrman

Re: Campaigns BMS 4.34 - 06/16/19 09:47 PM

Naw, single player still fine. Just need to do more planning and know when it's time to pull out and reset. You'll figure it out I'm sure.
Posted By: DBond

Re: Campaigns BMS 4.34 - 06/17/19 12:45 PM

Just loft four Mark 84s from this side of the FLOT and go home. Gotta hit somethin'
Posted By: theOden

Re: Campaigns BMS 4.34 - 06/17/19 04:56 PM

haha you nutcase smile
But I bet that would actually work out pretty good.

My plan is to go full DBond next try, go through all OOB, ABC, KGB and whatnot and then make the due effort to put all needed threat steerpoints up (nope, those 3 failed attempts was just "check loadout" and press Fly to RAMP - I should be ashamed over myself) and try to steal a good flight and reverse it to Air Interdiction (tried to frag my own 2-ship but no planes available - that AI HQ sure use all assets first hours).

In worst case that nearby SAM's don't wanna play with me maybe I will go full speed kamikaze on them and launch a HARM at their threat ring and keep pushing for a CBU slap in their face.

I can only have better results from now on biggrin
Posted By: DBond

Re: Campaigns BMS 4.34 - 06/17/19 06:40 PM

Maybe you should uncheck HQ on one Viper squadron so you always have airframes at your disposal? This will let you frag your mission, and have additional planes to assign as escort, SEAD, and whatever else. Added protection and more targets for the enemy, meaning your chances of making it back increase perhaps at the expense of one of your squadron mates.

Why didn't you import your logbook?

I will add that things must be very different if a flying telephone pole got you.
Posted By: theOden

Re: Campaigns BMS 4.34 - 06/17/19 07:01 PM

That thought did strike me but I felt I wanted to fly this first attempt as "standard" as possible.
Unchecked HQ for my squadron also feels more like a multiplayer thing like when we flew Balkans etc.
But I might go there later on.

Now, I did my DBond moves this time and surely everything went much better (almost).

Checked the package and noticed I actually have this Prowler joining us and looking at the flightplan more in detail I realised I am supposed to hold at stp3 for 6 minutes smile

Reaching stp3 on autopilot I activated Hack and let my ride just orbit watching my surroundings and biding my time.
Pushing comms button to see my package members now and then I could clearly see they held position too.

Some 20 seconds late I could see the other flights had started moving north and I hurried up to join them (hiding behind that EA-6B smile )

You can see the lack of "2" on my RWR now so I guess the Prowler jammers did their job!

As I made good progress those very bright flashes from AAA fire started to convert my cockpit into a disco so Jammer on and zig-zag hoping for the best.
Then, my HUD went out and all <bad word> blinked and warning sounds told me my flight was over once again.

Downed by AAA at 25000 ft, can you believe it!

Anyhow, reading up and digging into what's actually planned made a lot of difference.
I didn't even feel the need for HARM this time.

I hope for better luck next time but this sure is an awesome sim (as if we didn't know already)

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Posted By: DBond

Re: Campaigns BMS 4.34 - 06/17/19 07:36 PM

Originally Posted by theOden

Unchecked HQ for my squadron also feels more like a multiplayer thing like when we flew Balkans etc.

It's something that I do in all of my F4 campaigns. I'm the boss, the CO, the number 6. But you gotta keep the other planes busy or you're not maximizing your squadron. So I frag my hops, then assign the rest to other missions, usually leaving a pair unassigned for emergencies.
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