A solution for the K-lite code pack and F4AF problems

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A solution for the K-lite code pack and F4AF problems - 07/21/07 01:53 AM

I saw some people with K-lite codec packs having problems with F4AF, and I had the same problem, uninstalling the code pack did solve the problem, but there’s another solution.

So, I downloaded it again, to troubleshoot another problem related with movies and my Nero, I did solve, in return the F4AF problem.

So here is what you will do;

Copy the file name --> FalconAF.exe
Then click in Start-> all programs ->K-lite Codec Pack-> configuration-> ffdshow video decoder (the one with a red icon)

A window will open
Now, in the right side there’s a bunch of options or menus. Select “DirectShow Control” Now the third option, it says “ Don’t use ffdshow in:”
Go to the end of the line, just after a ; paste FalconAF.exe at the end and close it with a ;
Mine looks like this

Now, launch your F4AF…and fly fly!!!

So, see if this will work for you, because with me is working wonders now…And since I suffered this problem before, I’m not sure if anyone is still suffering it, or suffered it…so I leave this little contribution to this nice community(PS: sorry if this a repeated topic) Of course there this other solution, shown at the Lead Pursuit website, but this one will only disable the Ffdshow(the responsible of crashes and problems) on F4AF...

This is the lead pursuit solution.

You might have installed a 3rd party video codec packages. They can cause all possible issues and problems. For example, the K-Lite video codec package is known to cause problems with Falcon 4.0 Allied Force. If you have this installed, do the following:
Open Klite Codec pack > Configuration > Fddshow > Video decoder configuration and change the MP42 format entry to disabled by clicking on libavcodec.
As a result the standard MS codec will play the AVI movies and FDDshow is not used for this type. Falcon will run fine with movies then.
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Re: A solution for the K-lite code pack and F4AF problems - 07/21/07 04:41 PM

That was the the problem I was having. However, I just uninstalled FFDShow because I cant for the life of me remember why I installed it in the first place.
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