New Windows 10 Build

Posted By: Wizard43

New Windows 10 Build - 05/21/19 05:08 PM

My current Win7 box crapped out this weekend. With end of support looming I was thinking it was time for a new rig anyway. It's been a few years since I built a PC. My Win7 box was a mid level i7 build that I used for light gaming and editing home movies and was perfect for those tasks while it lasted. The Win10 PC will be used similarly with one big exception. I'd like to build it with VR gaming in mind for the future. I've seen some videos of DCS played in VR and it looks pretty amazing. So far I'm considering the following; 8th gen i7, Asus motherboard, probably 16gb ram and Nvidia video. Does anyone have thoughts or opinions on how I build this computer? Any pitfalls to be aware especially with regards to VR?

Posted By: The Nephilim

Re: New Windows 10 Build - 05/22/19 08:02 AM

Well what it really boils down to is what is your Budget.. What games and which VR headset do you want to get or looking at..

For VR I am getting by on an Odyssey plus with a 1080GTX and intel i5 7600K @ 4.8GHZ with 32gb meoimory... Now I hear the Pimax users are struggling to get decent FPS in DCS with a 2080Ti.. but ED has been working on a VR Enhancement or something they say 30% increase in performance...

I play Elite Dangerous, DCS and Assetto Corsa and I am having no issues with those once I tweaked my settings.. I found the biggest FPS killer is the Pixel Density setting or HMD settings along with Supersampling..

I can say with my Odyssey Plus I get some God rays in Elite Dangerous mostly and it is a bit distracting but I am getting used to it and don't focus on it much anymore.. The Fresnel lenses kinda are weird and sometimes you can see the circles looking back at you..

I think these VR headsets would be better off without the Fresnel lens but In race games these headsets really shine.. I played Assetto corsa and it was almost like being there so cool..

DCS is a trip too I need to get used to how the headtracking works and having to turn my head always around unlike what I am used to with a track IR..

All in all I am enjoying the VR unit.. but if you get a decent CPU and GPU you should be good with most of the headsets unless they are really High Resolution like the Pimax 5K
Posted By: Wizard43

Re: New Windows 10 Build - 06/05/19 07:54 PM

I'm thinking an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The only game on my radar is DCS. I did go with the components I listed above. The graphics card is an GTX 1660 with 6gb which is about the minimum recommended. I don't even know when I'm going to plunge into VR. Maybe it'll be next years birthday or Christmas present. I'm sure by that time my graphics card will be out of date for the future crop of VR headsets. Thanks for your input.

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