Track Clip Pro modification

Posted By: specialksl

Track Clip Pro modification - 04/29/19 07:06 PM

I bought a set of wireless headphones for my simpit. They work great. No cord so I can move around without being tied to the cord. I was using Track IR and the hat clip sensors but they wouldn't work very well with my pit. I purchased the Track Clip Pro which worked great with my setup and much better then the hat clip. Only problem is now I was attached again by a cord which became a pain. So I devised a system that I could make my Clip wireless. I bought a AAA battery holder which also had a built in switch. I shortened the Track Clip cord. I used the extra Female USB end that came attached to the Track Clip cord and wired it to the battery holder. I plugged in the Track Clip Pro and it works GREAT. No longer am I attached by a cord!

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Posted By: Paradaz

Re: Track Clip Pro modification - 04/29/19 09:03 PM

A nice bit of engineering, not sure if you were aware of this though?


It works really well can be mounted to headset with a small bit of velcro and is USB rechargeable.
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