Tried installing...

Posted By: IamFritz

Tried installing... - 07/08/12 09:06 AM

using the Vista/Win7 installer- got an error: missing mss16.dll

Whatsa mss16.dll? And why don't I have one?
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 07/08/12 11:04 AM

What do you mean you tried installing using the 'Vista/Win7 installer'? All you have to do to install LB2 is double-click the SETUP.EXE file on CD1.
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 07/09/12 02:29 PM

Ah, I just re-read your post and it hit me... do you mean MY Windows Vista/7 Fix?

If so, I have no idea why it's requesting that an 'mss16.dll' file be present. All I can say is, go on a DLL download site, locate and download the missing DLL and place it in the same folder as the installer EXE. Then, try running it again.

Here, I've found it for you...
Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 07/10/12 04:52 AM

Oh, there's your reply. Thank you.

I downloaded from that link. The installer just runs for 2.5 seconds, then says "installed" and there's nothing anywhere.

Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 07/10/12 01:02 PM

Hmm. I have no idea what's going on with my fix installer.

Can you actually install LB2 OK? In all honesty, apart from the convenience, this fix is really for those who cannot even install the game to start with.

If you want I can run you through the manual process of what to install, detailing what the fix contains. The list below should pretty much look familiar...

1) LB2 (Full installation) in installed state
2) v2.09 patch applied [ ftp://ftp.janes.ea.com/pub/janes/patches/longbow_2/lb2209e.exe ]
3) Display Driver Update applied (set to 3DFX) [ ftp://ftp.janes.ea.com/pub/janes/patches/longbow_2/lb2_ddu.exe ]
4) Modified CA.INI file (Backdoors fix added) applied [ http://digitality.comyr.com/flyboy/lb2/setup/xp-fix.zip ]
5) dgVoodoo glide wrapper applied (I think)... don't know which version you want...
[ http://www.freeweb.hu/dege/dgVoodoo1.50Beta.zip ]
[ http://www.freeweb.hu/dege/dgVoodoo1.50Beta2.zip ]

And that's about it, I think. You may also need to add the Compatibility Mode of Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3) to the LB2.EXE/shortcut.

That should get you up-and-running. If you later run into game stability or freeze issues, we can try to address them then.
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 07/11/12 04:17 PM

Just for you, Fritz, a .zip version of my fix - see new download link at the topic linked below...

Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 07/12/12 03:19 AM

OK- turned out to be a corrupt download.

Now... of course... AVG won't let it play. I even put it in as an exception. What's a good anti-virus that will let this play. Maybe Avast?
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 07/13/12 11:29 AM

A corrupt download? Did it turn out to be like an invalid .zip file? If so, damn.

I use AVG anti-virus and it's fine. You just have to make sure that you exclude the intended LB2 install folder before installation. Then, the real-time scanner won't even scan it during or just after installation and remove your LB2.EXE file prematurely.
Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 07/14/12 06:17 AM

It downloaded fine the 2nd time, and installed. I'll see what time I get over the weekend to work on this.
Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 07/16/12 05:49 AM

ARGH! AVG still blocks it!

Posted By: Recluse

Re: Tried installing... - 07/16/12 05:27 PM

Can you add it to the AVG Exclusions list?? I had to ditch the latest version of ADAware because even when I tried to put in an exclusion, it kept nuking LB2.exe! I seem to recall when I ran an older version of AVG, I could make the exclusion stick...but that was also the case with an older version of AdAware...so I guess these AV companies are dead set on denying us LB2!!
Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 07/23/12 05:08 AM

I added the folder to the AVG exclusion list, it still wouldn't work. I uninstalled and re-installed LB2, it still wouldn't work. I don't know. I have LOMAC and have the A-10 for ground support work, but I prefer Apaches. But I just don't have the time to put into this... might force a marriage with the A-10 to satisfy my CAS taste.
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 07/23/12 11:08 AM

Sorry to hear that, Fritz. If AVG simply won't let you keep your LB2.EXE all I can suggest is changing your AV program and trying. I have had no problems with AVG but a lot of people have switched to MS Security Essentials - Microsoft's free AV program. I have that as well and it seems to be good.

That's not to say that you won't run into problems with the game itself though, after you've actually got it to load.
Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 07/27/12 04:36 AM

I guess I'll try MS's AV. Gotta check out the reviews first, of course. I read good things about it when it first came out.
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 07/29/12 11:43 AM

Fritz, when looking over the forums the other day I saw this post of yours...


... what happened to you using Panda Security? Man, that post was nearly 3 years ago!
Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 07/30/12 07:21 AM

Panda Security sucked... and I got a new computer.
Posted By: white_fang

Re: Tried installing... - 07/30/12 01:03 PM


Sorry for stealing thread, but I thought this can be considered similar, so, if it is not, please dont
be angry, it's not a problem to start a new thread if must.

System is WinXPsp3 and nGlide 0.99 for 3dfx.
Using old +G's database, with GlobalMemoryLie and HeapEmulation, so, no backdoors at all in CA.ini.
Launching on 1 core only through WinlaunchXP.

Ok, here's the problem.
1. Usb joystick hat not working (actually it works only once then it doesn't react anymore screwy )
- all assignable 5 buttons work normally
2. ctd after end mission ...

I've some #%&*$# genius (F-23) usb excuse for a stick plugged in at the moment, cougar is in the box yet, lazy to unpack it ... well, sort of.
Stick is not programmable and has 8 buttons, 1 hat, + thrust + rudder (4 axis).
Longbow 2 sees only 5 buttons, why? Some old limitation or?
All axis work fine.

I've read +G's and FlyBoy's site about usb sticks issues, this one doesn't use any drivers then HID-PnP default.

Please help, at least for end mission ctd..


Oh, and this thing of your's with antivirus...
I am using MsAV essentials, and have excluded all Janes directory which assumes subdirs, so no problem after that.
The trick is to create that directory before install, then exclude it, then install into subdir Longbow 2.
I've read that somewhere, maybe even on SimHQ.
You can even turnoff antivirus Real-time protection (stop service) for a while, until you setup all things.
It works just fine.
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 07/30/12 01:16 PM

Hi white_fang, I also get the end of mission CTD. And believe it or not, I put it down to my USB joystick. I have a Logitech Attack3 joystick with built-in throttle. Whenever it is plugged in, I get the CTD. When it's not, I don't. Weird, hey?

I also don't use any separate drivers or any profiler software at all. I have no idea what to suggest as this is one of the reasons I gave up on LB2.

I have heard of joystick hat switches not working in LB2, I guess it's to do with the bizarre joystick functionality in LB2 on modern PCs - like having to repeatedly press the trigger to get the cannon to fire.

As I've never bothered with a fancy joystick, I don't have much first-hand experience with controller issues. So I can't really be much more help than that.

Oh, and I am very angry... mad
Posted By: white_fang

Re: Tried installing... - 07/30/12 03:05 PM

Yes, I can understand that biggrin Sorry


Don't wanna' give false hopes, but I think I am on a right track finding no CTD on exit mission.
Here's last setup which didn't give me ctd, with joystick plugged in.
(actually didn't even bother unplugging darn thing, cause, no sense doing these thing w/out stick, believe me :D)

Actually it could be that this is relevant just for my (OLD), or any similar system, I cannot say how it will behave on others.
Too many factors, as always, HW and SW.

So, setup is like this:
CA.INI (remark these lines with semicolons)

Load up old +G's (pdb) database, with heap emu & global mem. lie, settings.
Check LB2.exe's compatibility, there must not be any. So, NO compatibility mode in exe's properties.

nGlide (configurator)
Only important option is VSYNC, and it must be on. (old thing...)

Set, process priority = normal, select only CPU 1.

Fire up.

I haven't got CTD, las few times, after IA (instant action), on ALT+Q (end miss) and/or ALT+X (quit) case.
So... maybe, fingers crossed.

Joy hat is still a problem, other then that everything is normal.
FFARS are ok, system speed is normal without any type of cpu slowdown, guess, vsync takes care of that.

Oh, and D3D video card graphics option, are, in my ATI case:
No catalyst AI/ off
Vsync by app

As for now no AA / AF (app setting) - to test with these forced.

Will report yet.
Posted By: white_fang

Re: Tried installing... - 07/31/12 10:13 AM

Ok, here it is.

I don't know if this above written is responsible for the fix, or maybe this is the *FIX*.
Think, I will repack this installation in archive so no fuss anymore with "the dance".

The CTD on end of the mission is confirmed gone. For 10 out of 10 tries.
Every time used ALT+Q to exit to menu screen, after 30 mins of instant action. Exiting game normal, with movies on.
So, I'm 99% sure that its fixed. Yeehaaw!, Burn, burn, out goes the lights biggrin
Even with forced maxed AA and AF, it looks as never before.

What I've noticed, when presented with yes/no box on exit, if colors are wrong (green, not gray/black as they should be),
then it is possible that you'll get the exit ctd.
I suspect this is all related to memory/heap issues.

I give up my case on dx joy pov hat, tho, nvm, as I can program cougar to scratch my butt if I want to on any pov biggrin.

Now, as XPsp3 is fixed, I'll try to reproduce exactly what I've done to the other os, Win7sp1 32bit, I hope it'll work.

Thanks to all on their guides and fixes.
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 07/31/12 12:04 PM

Hello again white_fang, thanks for your time testing and posting results. But I don't see anything in your instructions that stands out to me. Most users have little or no problems with Windows XP, and any that do occur, are not really game killers and can be fixed fairly easily.

I get my end of mission/exit mission CTDs on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. I HAVE to set the compatibility mode on the LB2.EXE to Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3) just to get the game to even load without a Windows error. And all any fixes - whether PositiveG's or Phoenix's - do is make the make stable for me, in-game, and don't compensate for the CTDs after I end a mission, either prematurely or naturally.
Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 08/04/12 04:20 AM

Wait a minute... how did my thread wind up in Cuba...? OH, NO! I've been hi-jacked!!!
Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 08/10/12 04:33 AM

Well, ain't I allperky and chipper. Just went to install my LB2, and celebrate by posting some of my old LB2 videos... and they're gone. ALL OF THEM. Freakin' GOME. Man I am ticked. I had some good stuff in there.
Posted By: Recluse

Re: Tried installing... - 08/10/12 12:29 PM

That really stinks!! You'll just have to make some more!!!!
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 08/10/12 01:39 PM

How do you think you lost them? Were they on a separate hard drive or something that may have been re-formatted? Or has one of the boys snuck in and deleted them? That youngest of yours looks like he's got a few tricks up his sleeve!
Posted By: IamFritz

Re: Tried installing... - 08/11/12 03:23 AM

I was dragging folders to the trash a week ago when my Win Explr did that funky jump thing it does and I realized I'd grabbed the wrong folder, but I'd didn't put it all together until later when I saw 80 GB missing instead of only about 12 GB missing. And yeah, it's an extHD. So, my FreeFalcon and LB2 folders, among others, are among the victims here.


Yes, I will make more.

When MS Security decides to let LB2 run. I'll work on that more soon.
Posted By: Flyboy

Re: Tried installing... - 08/12/12 11:09 AM

So is MS Security Essentials messing around with your LB2.EXE now? It never affected mine.
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