In Game Voice Comms for LB2 mutiplayer

Posted By: AV8R

In Game Voice Comms for LB2 mutiplayer - 10/14/05 11:44 PM

I strongly recommend TeamSpeak2 for many reasons, including it works well with LB2 and is full featured free product along with the fact we have a dedicated server for LB2 purposes.

1. Download TeamSpeak Client

2. Install the client.

3. Start Teamspeak client.

4. Menu Settings->Sound Input/Output Settings
- Choose Push to Talk and select a good key to use (such as F12 or MiddleMouseButton, etc)
- Activate Local Test Mode button at the bottom will help you test yourself (volumes) first.
- If your microphone and speakers are working, you should hear yourself in Local Test Mode.
- If you used RogerWilco with no problems, this step should work as well.

5. Menu Connection->Connect, Select "Quick Connect".

6. Enter server connection and setup Information:

Server Address:
Label: Magnums Battlefield - LB2
Server Address:
Nickname: (yours)

Anonymous checked
No password

Default Channel: Rotor Wing Combat
Default Subchannel: Longbow 2 (note space)
no password

7. Click "Connect". That's it.

This is a good place to congregate before flying online together, as well as in flight. TS2 support whisper and separate flight channels. This works well with Pilot/CPG and multiple flights within an online game sessoin. Catch me online and ill be happy to show you how to set up the multichannel switching and whisper modes.

Can someone make this thread a sticky?
Posted By: Reverant

Re: In Game Voice Comms for LB2 mutiplayer - 10/15/05 07:17 PM

I'm gonna totally freak out here. My mic is working, but it's volume is very low. I've maxed out all the volume sliders, and still, I have to scream in to the microphone just to hear my own voice. This is so frustrating.
Posted By: DBond

Re: In Game Voice Comms for LB2 mutiplayer - 10/15/05 07:54 PM

Check and see if you have a mixer for your sound card, or some sort of advanced options. Most will have an option to enable mic boost which should fix the problem.
Posted By: Reverant

Re: In Game Voice Comms for LB2 mutiplayer - 10/15/05 07:59 PM

I use a powered mic, with a brand new battery. For some weird reason, the Creative Mixer (I have a SB Audigy 2 Platinum with the external breakout box) doesn't have a mic boost option (something like +20db).
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