Mustangs over Samcheok: DCS P-51 MISSION 3: 'The Street Sweepers'

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Mustangs over Samcheok: DCS P-51 MISSION 3: 'The Street Sweepers' - 12/09/12 08:42 PM

Wing Commander Lou Spence
June 2 1950
77 Squadron RAAF
Iwakuni, Japan

We all but had the machines crated up and ready to sail back to Australia when North Korean forces crossed the 38th Parallel and we were at war again. Today, the North Korean People's Army (KPA) took Suwon. Seoul is surrounded, and UN forces are holding out in small pockets along the front line waiting for MacArthur's promised 2 Divisions to arrive.

One of those battling to stay alive was Dog Company, holed up in a little village SW of Samcheok. So our first combat mission since Borneo was an attack on the KPA forces surrounding Samcheok.

We had just four Mustangs combat ready, but it would have to be enough.

We weren't just flying a rescue mission out of Iwakuni. We were sending a message to the Communists that Australia was with the US and Republic of Korea forces. The Brits were on their way too. This was looking like a serious brew up.

We were coming in from the East coast, north of Samcheok. Dog company was pinned down to the Southwest and they reported KPA forces north and west of their positions. A major KPA offensive was building in the Southwest, where the KPA was marshalling forces north of Namyang. Our job was to hit the KPA troop concentration before it could get organised and attack.

Scouts had reported AAA...

...troop transports and reserves guarding fuel tankers, no doubt in place for the armour coming up.

As we approached Samcheok, I ordered the flight, call sign 'Uzi', to spread wide...there was no point offering a clustered target to any AAA lurking in the hills on the other side.

Within seconds Uzi 2 called a target, "Air defence target 12 o'clock. Evading," he said calmly. We were making a high speed ingress at 5,000 feet, no easy targets, but still I worried.

No sooner had his voice gone from the radio than I saw large caliber tracer flashing in front of my nose.

I saw a truck mounted AAA gun trying to geat a bead on me. But he was behind and out of range in a flash.

The village which Dog Company was trying to hold appeared ahead, and I could see plumes of smoke rise from the KPA artillery raining down on them.

"Uzi this is Dog, we have you in sight," came a desperate voice on the radio. "KPA forces near the radio tower S-SW. Hit 'em hard Uzi."

"Roger that Dog. Uzi 2, 3, 4, you are free to engage. Follow me in." As I gave the order, I saw Uzi 2 fall in behind me. I armed my bombs and set them to salvo.

I saw the KPA forces near the base of the tower, and pushed the nose hard down. AAA fire erupted, but most of it fell behind me. This was one time it was good to be on point.

I pickled the bombs and as I pulled away and looked back, I could see they hit about fifty feet from a line of trucks . . . but there were no secondaries. Those Commies built their trucks tough!

The other blokes made their runs, and we were starting to get some attrition, then Uzi 3 called, "Uzi 1, this is 3, I have a bomb stuck on the rack. Have to RTB boss."

"Dangit. Just missed with my last," came the voice of Uzi 4. "I'm dry Uzi 1."

I told them to egress West and head back to Japan. We didn't have the fuel to be hanging around.

But I still had a bevvy of rockets to throw. I began a fast sweep around to give me a good run in on the target, and selected rockets.

As I did, the airframe shook.

I'd taken ground fire. It looked like small calibre, but fuel was bleeding from my wing. Fuel I couldn't afford to lose. There was no hand pump to get it from my left wing tanks and over to my right. I just had to watch it bleed out.

I was already lined up for my attack run, so I kept the nose down.

200 feet out I let fly.

The rockets rippled across the enemy truck park and brought forth a satisfying belch of flame.

"Time to head South," I told myself. With a leaking fuel tank, there was no chance for me to get back to Japan, but I could make it over the front lines and into ROK held territory.

I checked now for other signs of damage. RPM and manifold pressure OK. Carb temp OK. Coolant temp was off the gauge though...that wasn't good.

The right wingtip didn't look too healthy either. I had no idea how it was still attached...

I was starting to put the battlefield behind me when my left wing took another punch. I never saw the incoming fire.

Just the additional holes in the wingtip. It looked like a sieve now.

Worse, it started streaming dirty smoke...so the buggers must have hit an oil line. Leaking fuel AND oil? This was going to be a shorter egress than I planned.

I looked desperately around me for somewhere to put it down. The dark green fields were rice paddies, but the light green and brown fields were wheat or fallow fields. I picked one that looked like it gave me a reasonable chance.

No sooner had I swung toward it than the engine died. I looked quickly down - fuel empty. Revs and pressure dropping. This was going to be a one shot landing.

There was still enough grunt in the hydraulics to get the wheels down. That was something at least. But I was dropping like a brick.

The Mustang is no glider.

I came down hard, and the force of the landing snapped the bullet riddled wingtip right off and burning oil gushed out.

Luckily there wasn't much oil left there to burn. It stopped burning and with a bump and a rattle, I came to a stop.

I looked around for signs of hostiles, but the landscape was empty. For now. It wouldn't be for long.

I grabbed the radio.

"Mayday, mayday. This is Uzi 1, I have crash landed. Repeat, I have crash landed. I am about five miles south of...map grid LP26. Repeat, I am down, five miles south of grid LP26..."

I repeated the call three times, for what it was worth, but I didn't want to stick around any longer. Whatever lucky NPRK unit it was that took me down, would be on their way to find me.

I grabbed the pistol and survival pack from under my seat, threw open the canopy and rolled out over the wing.

In a low crouch, I ran for the nearest ditch...


NEXT: "Mustangs over Samcheok: rescue flight."

PS: RAAF skin (c) Tom Weiss.
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: a DCS P-51 AAR - 12/10/12 11:54 AM

Very nice, waiting for the next one ;-)
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: a DCS P-51 AAR - 12/10/12 04:38 PM

Good story, Heinkill!

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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: a DCS P-51 AAR - 12/10/12 05:18 PM

Great stuff! Glad you found a way to make real mission out of DCS P-51. keep it coming. thumbsup
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: a DCS P-51 AAR - 12/10/12 07:22 PM

Thx. I'll put together four or five and post the missions as a package in case anyone else wants to fly them once the story is done.

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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: a DCS P-51 AAR - 12/10/12 07:34 PM

Wonderful story! Very much enjoyed that. Thanks for posting this.
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: a DCS P-51 AAR - 12/10/12 10:24 PM

I like that, nicely told. Korean scenario is a Really good idea. Well done.
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: a DCS P-51 AAR - 12/14/12 02:38 AM

Originally Posted By: HeinKill
Thx. I'll put together four or five and post the missions as a package in case anyone else wants to fly them once the story is done.



Looking forward to some good DCS P-51D missions, H!
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: a DCS P-51 AAR - 12/14/12 05:03 AM

fyi if there are any P51 skinners out there interested:


You can just see an insignia on the side of the cockpit, this is the squadron badge if I recall correctly. Have a close up in a book somewhere in my collection

Hmm actually memory may be on the blink. Some other shots:

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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: a DCS P-51 AAR - 12/15/12 02:58 AM

HeinKill - the skin link you've got at the bottom of the post is actually for Tom_Wiess' A2A (FSX) Skin. This one is the one for DCS:P-51 smile
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok: mission 2 - 12/15/12 01:14 PM

Later that morning...

Lou Spence had taken 77 Squadron through the New Guinea campaign, Borneo and then to the occupation of Japan. Flt Lt George 'Spud' McKilwraith and P/O Tom 'Robbo' Robinson were still in shock at his loss when they landed back at Iwakuni.

But Spud was not a man to dick around with. Second in command, he knew exactly what to do. He called a briefing of his pilots and ground chiefs.

"Right you blokes," he started, "Spence is down. Robbo saw him go in and he brought his machine down in one piece. There are two alternatives. One, he's in Korean People's Army hands already, two, he's lying doggo, waiting for a rescue. But there's no way we can get a chopper in there with all that AAA around and no way we're leaving him there to rot."

"Too right," spat one of the 77 Sq pilots, "Commies will put him on all the newsreels. First Aussie pilot captured over Korea..."

They huddled around a map, and Spud marked AAA positions north of Samcheok, "This is where that AAA came from. Here is where Spence came down. We're going to take out the AAA in the East, closest to where Spence went in. Then we can fly in a helo under heavy escort, knock out anyone who gets in the way."

There were nods of agreement, and Spud pointed at Robbo, "Robbo and I will go over first, take out the AAA, and have a dekko, see if we can see any sign of Spence. The rest of you," he pointed at the other 12 pilots, and the crew chiefs of 77 Sq, "Will get yourselves to Pusan. Take the Bristol Freighter and every machine that will fly and set up a base there. Don't ask for permission, just sort out the protocols when you get there. We can't run this Op out of Japan."

He looked around the room, but all he saw was grim assent. He grabbed his flight helmet, and walked back out, with Robbo in his wake.

One of the Leading Aircraftmen, LAC Symonds, scratched his head and looked at the map of Korea, "Where the hell is Pusan?"

Spud and Robbo had their machines armed with rockets. No bombs.

They had to be sure to get the AAA on this first strike, and that meant getting in close. Knife fighting range.

Every minute they took, brought KPA troops closer to wherever Spence was hiding. If he wasn't already in Communist hands.

Two miles out from the target, Robbo called it in, "Uz1 2 to Uzi 1. AAA at 11 o'clock. I count two emplacements, several vehicles."

"I'll overfly," Spud responded, "I want to be sure. You orbit Uzi 2."

Spud went over high and fast, then dropped a wing so he could get a good look at the position.

"It's AAA alright. I count one entrenched, one mounted," he reported.

"Follow me in Robbo," he called. Then he rolled the Mustang on its back and pulled hard on the stick.

About 1,000 feet up he let fly at the truck mounted AAA with the first of his US made 5 inch HVAR rockets.

The AAA position opened up on him, and tracer streaked up at him as he let go with the next.

The position was engulfed in flame and flying dirt. As he pulled away, checking his machine for damage, he saw it go up in a big secondary explosion.

"Must have hit the fuel tank or some ammo," he said over the R/T. "Your go Robbo. Make it count," he ordered.

Robbinson banked and began his attack.

He swept in low, trying to make it hard for the twin barrelled hard mounted AAA cannon to pick him out from the ground clutter until it was too late. He opened up with both .50 cal and rockets, obliterating the NPRK position.

They formed up, circling to see if there was any more fire from the ground, but nothing came toward them.

"All quiet Uzi 2," Spud called, "Let's move to LP26 and begin the search."

"Roger Uzi 1"

They climbed into the sky again.

McKilwraith had no illusions. Chances of Spence being alive? Next to none. Chances of Spence being alive and not in KPA hands already? Less than none. But they had to try.

As they quartered the grid where Spence went down, they had trouble even spotting the wreck. It was possible that the KPA had already carted it away, or covered it up. After all, hours had passed.

But once again it was the eagle eyes of Uzi two who spotted the downed Mustang.

"Uzi one, I have some sort of wreckage on the ground on my two," he called.

"I have it too Uzi 2, you orbit here, watch for interference," Spud ordered.

The wreckage seemed to lie in a shallow river valley, and Spud extended away, then dropped down into the valley so he could approach it from the north. He had no idea what enemy forces had made it to the crash site, and he didn't want to give them any warning.

As he rounded a gentle turn in the river, he saw it.

There was no doubt. It was a 77 Squadron Mustang.

And enemy troops, with at least one vehicle, were guarding it.

As he pulled up and away, he saw the nearby hilltop was heavily wooded. There were no roads leading up there, but a desperate man, on foot...

... might just be able to have dragged himself up there before the NPRK troops got to the crash site.

They circled, but if Spence was down there waving, they couldn't see him.

He felt it though. It was the only real cover for miles. He HAD to be there. And they had to buy him some time.

He joined up with Robbo again.

"It's Spence's machine alright," Spud confirmed, "And it looks like troops down there getting a search party ready, so he must still be on the hoof."

"What do we do then?" Robbo asked.

"We'll put a kink in their plans, Uzi 2," Spud decided. "How many HVARs you have left?"


"I have two. We'll make a couple of runs. I want to knock out that transport, and scatter those troops. Follow me in, acknowledge."

"Attacking ground troops, acknowledge."

As far as he could tell, they were only facing light arms down there, but Spud took no chances. He led them up the valley and then down again in a fast diving attack.

It was carnage.

"That'll have to do," Spud called as he saw Robinson's last rocket leave his wings. But there was nothing moving in the valley any more, "Form up, Uzi 2."

Guns and rocket rails empty, they formed up and set course for Pusan. They would probably arrive there before the rest of the squadron, and there was some paperwork to sort out before the whole of 77 Squadron descended on Pusan airbase, ready for war.

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Mustangs over Samcheok 3: the Street Sweepers - 01/13/13 12:22 PM

Sorry this little series is taking so long! I'm still a novice at the mission builder and first I have to build the missions, then test, then fly them and capture the screenies, so...

Anyway, installment 3!

The story so far... RAAF 77 Squadron CO Lou Spence has been shot down SE of Samcheok in Korea during the RAAF unit's first combat mission since the end of WWII. Flt Lt George 'Spud' McKilwraith and P/O Tom 'Robbo' Robinson, returning to the scene of the crash, spotted North Korean People's Army (KPA) troops organising a search in forest near the crash site, indicating that Spence had survived and was trying to evade the enemy forces. A chopper from the 3rd Air Rescue Squadron of the US 5th AF has been sent from Kadena AFB, Okinawa, to assist in extracting Spence. But first Spud and Robbo and the pilots of 77 Squadron have to rendezvous, escort it to the crash site, hold off enemy air or ground forces, locate Spence, and keep the battlefield clear so the chopper can land...


Diary of Flt Lt 'Spud' McKilwraith

The Yanks were fantastic. A Chopper from the US 3rd AR took off from Okinawa at the same time as the Mustangs from 77 Squadron took off for Pusan. The timing was tight, but Robbo and I would just have enough time to land back at Pusan, rearm and refuel, and get back to rendezvous with the chopper at a place called Lake Etoko, for the rescue attempt. We only had enough crew with us to turn around two more of the 77 Sq Mustangs, so I briefed 'Dingo' Wilson, and 'Lizard' Lennard - both Borneo campaign vets - and within 40 minutes of landing at Pusan we were taking off again.

Myself and Robbo were in the old WWII Sharkmouth livery, while the rest of the Sq was in the new Korea unit markings with red white and blue roundels and spinners.

The terrain over Korea was still new to us, and we had to navigate to Etoko with map and compass, the Mustang's fuselage humming and vibrating as we headed for the rendezvous point at full throttle. All we knew about the chopper was that it was a twin rotor, and spotting it against the dark green fields and jungle of Korea would not be easy.

As we neared the rendezvous point, I told the formation to spread out, "Keep a sharp eye open you blokes," I said, "We're about 10 miles out."

"It all looks bloody green to me," Lizard remarked, "I bet the chopper is US Marine Green too. This could be a dogs breakfast." He was the squadron pessimist, despite having survived against the Japanese at Darwin and in Borneo, without so mich as a scratch.

I let him grumble. We all knew Spence was down in that jungle somewhere, KPA troops closing in on him, if they hadn't already got him.

As we closed on Etoko, we were inside friendly territory, so at least we didn't have to worry about AAA. But at Pusan the Yanks had warned us the North Koreans were fielding some Chinese build Mig 15 jets - probably flown by Chinese 'instructors' - in Samcheok airspace. We did not want to run into those mongrels.

And we couldn't afford to have them jump us while we were looking down at the treetops, "Robbo and Dingo, you look for the chopper," I ordered, "Lizard, you're our fullback, keep an eye on the skies."

We began to circle over Etoko, staying low to make the job of spotting the chopper easier.

It was Robbo, again, who spotted it first, a tiny speck on the horizon. The guy had eyes like a wedge tailed eagle.

"Spud, I have an aircraft on my 11 o'clock, looks like him," came his voice over the radio.

I switched over the US AF frequency, "3AR chopper this is 77 Sq Red Flight, we've got you in sight."

A young voice came crackling through the static, "...to see you Aussies! We was feeling a bit lonesome up here."

I banked over the top of the chopper and pointed the nose towards Samcheok. "3AR we are going to run ahead of you and sweep the road clean, acknowledge."

"Roger 77 Sq. And we need a visual on that pilot. Get his attention and fix his position."

"Roger, out."

As we crossed our lines and approached the forest on the hill beside the crash site, I realised what long odds we were playing. It was just a hunch that Spence would be holed up there. It's where I would have gone. But we'd overflown it once, and I didn't see him. OK so, back at Pusan, I might have intimated that I actually saw something - I didn't want the blokes to give up hope. But I hadn't. He might already be sitting in some KPA hell hole for all we knew. My thoughts were broken by the calm tones of Lizard. Nothing got that bloke excitable, not even a possible KPA AAA nest...

"Red 1, this is Red 4. I got, looks like, three groups of enemy vehicles, spread over about a mile on the treeline at my 12 o'clock."

I reached forward, flicking on my ground attack gunsight, and arming my HVARs, setting them to single release.

"OK Red flight, I'll go in first, ID the targets, the rest of you orbit."

They acknowledged and I began my run. All I could see was small vehicles, but Samcheok was surrounded by KPA, so they had to be enemy forces.

I counted three groups of three vehicles before I triggered four rockets at the middle group.

It was a AAA nest.

As I swept overhead I saw I'd fired wide, and spotted troop trucks and truck mounted AAA.

"OK Red flight, engage ground forces with rockets, we have multiple AAA down there, stay at max range," I said.

Robbo, Dingo and Lizard began their runs. Dingo was first, never one to waste ammo, he let go with a single HVAR at max range and peeled away.

It was a hit.

Robbo was not one to trust either his equipment, or his luck, he closed to fist fighting range, ignoring the AAA which had now woken up and was firing wildly into the sky at the circling Mustangs. He bored down on a group of trucks nestled in the crook of hill, and hammered them with a salvo.

The rockets struck home and the trucks disappeared in a ball of flame.

He pulled up and away, without a scratch.

We continued like that for the next five minutes. Tracer flew through the air around us, heavy calibre, but fired in panic. The KPA forces didn't know if we were coming from the East, West, Up or Down.

One group of trucks was sited in the lee of a hill. It meant they only had a 180 degree field of fire, but it also meant they were protected and knew exactly what direction we had to come at them from. Lizard and Robbo made two runs without success, and Lizard picked up some holes in his tail.

"This is Red 3, I'm out of rockets, engaging with guns," I heard Robbo say. I could see he was already on his way in, it was too late to try to pull him back. When his blood was up, he was unstoppable.

He came in low. Too bloody low. I could hardly watch, it was like he wanted to ram the KPA position.

Not twenty feet above the ground, he levelled out.

If they didn't die from his salvo of .50 cal, the KPA forces on the AAA truck probably died of fright.

As he pulled away, the anti air truck went up in a secondary explosion, taking one of the others with it.

There was one unit left.

"Beginning my run," Dingo said tersely.

"Rockets away."

"Bullseye," he said, without a trace of elation.

I saw the remaining KPA forces fleeing their vehicles, and running for the trees. All they left behind were burning wrecks.

I switched back to the US 3AR frequency, "3AR helo, this is 77 RAAF, we have cleared out a KPA position in your path, you are free to ingress. We're going in to try to find our man now."

"Roger 77, we see the smoke," came the reply. "Thankyou kindly."

The blokes rejoined and we took a status as we neared Samcheok. Lizard had a perforated rudder, but it was still responding. The others had come through untouched, even Robbo, who probably collected dirt in his air intake, he was so low.

"Robbo, Lizard, Dingo, you go ahead, engage any target of opporunity you see. If they are still searching for Spence, keep their heads down. I'm going to circle the hilltop. If he's there, this is his chance to make himself seen."

The boys were soon back at work over the crash site, where enemy troops were still combing the area. With guns and their remaining rockets, they keep the KPA busy.

Meanwhile I closed on the jungle at the top of the river valley.

Dropping onto one wing, I circled. It was almost hopeless, and if there had been a decent heavy gun in the area, I'd have been crocodile bait.

But it did the trick.

Suddenly, huddled in a ditch, in a clearing in the jungle, I saw him. And he saw me.

I grabbed for the radio button on the throttle, "3AR helo, this is 77 RAAF, we have identified our pilot. He is in a a clearing at the western edge of the jungle on hilltop LP36, repeat, western edge of the jungle on hilltop LP36, you are clear to ingress."

"Roger that 77 RAAF, we are going in. ETA 2 minutes."

I took status. Robbo and Lizard were sweeping the valley, gunning anything that moved, taking only light arms fire. Dingo was... where the hell was he?

"Red leader to Red 4, report your position please," I called.

There came a grunt, and then, "...a bloody armoured truck heading for the western edge of the hilltop."

"Repeat Dingo!"

"I said..." he repeated, "I'm engaging a KPA troop transport making for the western edge of the jungle, and it must be armoured with five inch bloody plate! I can't dent the #%&*$#."

I took a deep breath, I couldn't see either him or the enemy truck, and there was no time to waste.

"Listen Dingo, you've got to stop that truck. It's heading straight toward Spence's position and we can't let it unload a whole platoon of commies right where that helo needs to put down."

"Crickey Spud, what do you think I'm bloody trying to do, get out of my earhole will ya?" he said.

I pulled my machine hard around and now I could see him, and the truck, both heading full pelt for the treeline.

Lizard opened up at about 500 yards, the ground around the truck boiling with fire.

As he swept overhead, it rumbled to a stop, half a mile short of the trees.

"It aint dead, but it aint going anywhere either," Lizard reported. "Can someone finish the swine off before those troops get out?"

"Right behind you Reptile," came a laconic voice, "I figured you'd bugger it up."

Dingo dropped down on the truck, and let fly with his remaining rockets.

I saw an angry black cloud erupt where the truck had been.

No one came out of it. The KPA troops had been stopped about 200 yards from where Spence had gone to ground.

The chopper came in at treetop height, and dropped down into the clearing.

I saw a small figure scurry from the ditch, and run, head down, into the belly of the helo, and it lifted smoothly away.

"This is 3AR helo to 77 Flight leader, we have your man Aussies, repeat, we have your man. Heading 290 for Pusan."

"Roger 3AR, we've got you." I replied, my throat tight.

The others started hollering and whooping. It felt like victory, but inside I knew, we were only halfway home.

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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok 3: the Street Sweepers - 01/13/13 06:28 PM

Kudos on the imagination for passing up a Black Sea scenario as the Korean War!
Posted By: Bumfluff

Re: Mustangs over Samcheok 3: the Street Sweepers - 01/13/13 09:53 PM

Wonderful. Imagine a proper Korean war map. A Mig-15 and F-86. Hey presto - one of the greatest flight sims ever made.
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok 3: the Street Sweepers - 01/14/13 06:42 PM

Very nice.
Posted By: Tom_Weiss

Re: Mustangs over Samcheok 3: the Street Sweepers - 01/14/13 11:24 PM

very good ! smile
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok 3: the Street Sweepers - 01/17/13 10:34 AM

Originally Posted By: Tom_Weiss
very good ! smile

Thanks for the 77 Sq skin Tom, it looks great in action, especially the red white and blue spinner.

Originally Posted By: Heretic
Kudos on the imagination for passing up a Black Sea scenario as the Korean War!

Yes it does take some imagination - even more so in the next mission which will include air combat, but it is not too much of a stretch. The reason I picked Korea is that the Mustangs there were mostly used in ground attack role, so the lack of an aircraft opponent for the Mustang in DCS World becomes less important, as the 77 Sq Mustang's targets were mostly soft skinned (vehicles, logistics, supply depots and infrastructure) and the biggest threat they faced were Mig 15s, even after they had transitioned to Meteor jets.

Flying in a Mustang against a jet such as eg the Su 17 (cannon armed only) can't have been much different to what the Mustang pilot faced going up against the Mig 15.

Specs for both the Mig 15 and Su 17 aren't really comparable in terms of max speed and rate of climb, but they are close in armament in cannon only loadout and as far as speed/climb - a jet is a jet. It doesn't matter much to a snail whether it is racing against a horse or a cheetah:

Mig 15:

Maximum speed: 1,075 km/h (668 mph)
Rate of climb: 50 m/s (9,840 ft/min)
2x NR-23 23mm cannons in lower left fuselage (80 rounds per gun, 160 rounds total)
1x Nudelman N-37 37 mm cannon in lower right fuselage (40 rounds total)

Su 17

Maximum speed at sea level: 1,400 km/h (755 knots, 870 mph)
Rate of climb: 230 m/s (45,275 ft/min) on afterburner
2 30 mm Nudelman-Rikhter NR-30 cannon, 80 rpg

AAA was also a big threat and that can also be simulated in DCS with the options available.

So while you need to forgive the obviously inappropriate target and aircraft types, I think the experience of ground pounding missions in a Mustang in DCS World, going up against air defences and jets, is pretty transferrable to a Korean war scenario.

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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok 3: the Street Sweepers - 01/17/13 06:24 PM

Originally Posted By: HeinKill
So while you need to forgive the obviously inappropriate target and aircraft types, I think the experience of ground pounding missions in a Mustang in DCS World, going up against air defences and jets, is pretty transferrable to a Korean war scenario.

As long as you leave SAMs out of the game... biggrin
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok 3: the Street Sweepers - 01/17/13 07:55 PM

And try to forget the North Korean troops look like UN peacekeepers duh
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Re: Mustangs over Samcheok 3: the Street Sweepers - 01/22/13 02:27 AM

Originally Posted By: HeinKill
And try to forget the North Korean troops look like UN peacekeepers duh

Hey, the North Koreans actually attempted to bring peace and unity to the peninsula, but these imperialist pigs just couldn't leave their greedy hands out of the poor Korean people's pockets!
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