War on the Sea

Posted By: Red2112

War on the Sea - 02/07/21 09:11 AM

Might as well post this here in the naval section.

War on the Sea, by Killerfish games. It´s rough on release but like most games now days. Hopefully things get fixed soon, and we see mods in the near future like we did with Cold Waters.

War on the Sea Steam store

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Re: War on the Sea - 02/07/21 04:08 PM

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Re: War on the Sea - 02/15/21 04:10 PM

I think I`ll wait a little, saw a few videos, which weren`t all convincing, f.e. a small TF of Japanese destroyers which were attacked by around 12 Torpedo.bombers. No evasive actions whatsoever, so three hits on one, 2 wo on the other and only one got away. And it wasn`t a sophisticated attack from different direchtions, all from the same side. Crews must have been asleep in bright daylight...
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Re: War on the Sea - 02/15/21 09:12 PM

Comments over at Subsim are mixed. I'm not convinced by this one. Holding off, let's see where it goes from here.
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Re: War on the Sea - 02/16/21 07:39 PM

I did support them because this is a niche genre and that´s the best I can do. I can only hope that it gets better. The game is right up my ally to be honest, and I have been wanting something like this for a long time.

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Re: War on the Sea - 02/20/21 01:37 AM

Wolfpack345 has a nice IJN campaign running atm, well worth a watch as he plays a good game. Subs are still well op and you could just go out all out sub fleet kill everything easily if you wish, thanfully, he doesn't.

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Re: War on the Sea - 02/20/21 07:59 AM

Thanks Ajay. I agree, wolfpack345 does a good job playing. I like his channel in general. While the game has issues, you can still play the game "sort of". The good part is that there´s patches out almost every two days, which shows the devs are listening and on top of things. From what I understand (could be wrong), some of there more veteran devs left the team to go on to work on the MicroProse Sea Power title, so progress is slow although constant IMHO. Again, I could be wrong on this info...

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