Armored Brigade

Posted By: Red2112

Armored Brigade - 11/01/19 04:23 PM

Is now on Steam and on sale 30% off...
Armored Brigade Steam store

Also on sale on the Matrix Store (you get a Steam key with it and no DRM with Matrix)...
Armored Brigade Matrix Store

One of my fav RTS, was in the Beta team.

Posted By: Brit44 'Aldo'

Re: Armored Brigade - 11/02/19 04:51 AM

I like Matrix games.
I have been playing WbtS the last year. The only thing I still find frustrating is the political factors needed for offensive initiative.
Lately, I have been playing WitW again. I enjoy the debth of the game. I spent most of last winter learning the air war of the tutorial. Returning to it, I noticed I missed the neuonces (spelling) with denial of movement you can create from night actions.

I am a big fan of 2v3 games
Posted By: DBond

Re: Armored Brigade - 11/04/19 05:57 PM

Anyone fancy doing an AAR of a battle?
Posted By: Red2112

Re: Armored Brigade - 11/04/19 08:39 PM

Originally Posted by DBond
Anyone fancy doing an AAR of a battle?

It´s on sale at Steam if interested...
Armored Brigade Steam store


I´ll be jumping back to AB soon.

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