F4 Phantom

Posted By: Wedge

F4 Phantom - 10/20/11 06:45 PM

Now if we can get the F4 Phantom in Jet Thunder that would be AWESOME!

Posted By: SC/JG_Oesau

Re: F4 Phantom - 10/20/11 08:49 PM

Well it's a great ac but would be for a hypothetical scenario post the first conflict.
Posted By: Wedge

Re: F4 Phantom - 10/21/11 02:49 PM

From Wikipedia:

In 1982 during the Falklands War three Phantom FGR2s of No. 29 Squadron were on active Quick Reaction Alert duty on Ascension Island to protect the base from air attack.
Posted By: MigBuster

Re: F4 Phantom - 10/21/11 11:19 PM

Ascension island is >3000 miles from the Falklands will that even be on the map?

You might need a few A-A refueling sessions to get them South
Posted By: SC/JG_Oesau

Re: F4 Phantom - 10/23/11 08:58 PM

It was a precautionary move to protect a vital airbase in the campaign, but the risk was very low from it ever happening. As pointed out, the range to Ascension Islands is in the 7500Km area and not much less from the main Argy bases. This would effectively put it out of the range of any strike force.
Posted By: Wedge

Re: F4 Phantom - 10/24/11 01:53 AM

Oh well F4 fans can only dream...
Posted By: SC/JG_Oesau

Re: F4 Phantom - 10/24/11 02:42 AM

I'm with you Wedge, I'm a huge F-4 fan!
Posted By: Keithb77

Re: F4 Phantom - 10/24/11 08:09 AM

Phantoms were stationed at Mount Pleasant after the conflict, following runway lengthening...
Would make a good 'what-if' Falklands II follow-on pack once all the historical options have been explored.
(oops..just spotted Oseau's post smile )
Posted By: HarryR

Re: F4 Phantom - 12/03/11 10:19 PM

Keith, 'tooms where operational after the war at Stanley airfield first and later moved to MPA. Tried to get some update info at the Aerosoft forums but it's all gone a bit quite.
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