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Posted By: scary_pigeon

New Video - 10/17/11 11:48 AM

Like the one on facebook but on youtube.

Towards the end of that, where I start straffing and setting off missiles..

..I was actually visually attracted to impacts and things and shot at where a number of impacts seemed to occur. As if to give extra fire onto where soldiers from the hills were shooting down on the British. Instead when I view it again, I realise I just blew up lots of grass. I wonder how often that would happen in real life? that a pilot goes in, drops some bombs and flies away thinking that they've totally destroyed whatever it is they've attacked, but instead they just gave a lot of earth worms a headache?
Posted By: scary_pigeon

Re: New Video - 10/17/11 12:09 PM

actually.. ..maybe I was fairly accurate. I think I could see a blowpipe launch from near where I was attacking.
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Re: New Video - 10/17/11 01:20 PM

Thank you very much for the WIP video, Steve.

At the end, you have got a big problem on your six,
suspense for the second video, to be continued ? :P

A small question, we know the "historic" ThunderWorks team with Dante, Ariel and you,
but what is the job of Martin Bell, a new recruit ? Sound designer perhaps ?

Congrats for your works, best regards.
Posted By: scary_pigeon

Re: New Video - 10/17/11 01:42 PM

Martin is a recent recruit, He does the shader programming and user interface.

The shadows are down to his work and he's helped streamline the graphics in general.
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