update 29/07/2011

Posted By: scary_pigeon

update 29/07/2011 - 07/29/11 05:13 PM

Hello people.

Just implemented a keymapper in game. So there ought to be no limit to what controllers you can attach.

I've been recently programming the suspension to animate when compressed. Previously they were locked in position and the wheels didn't use to turn either. Now they do which is nice to look at.

Dante will no doubt put up a clip soon.
Posted By: SC/JG_Oesau

Re: update 29/07/2011 - 07/29/11 09:31 PM

Good news about the key mapper, it is a key element that was missing till this update.
Posted By: Aladar

Re: update 29/07/2011 - 07/30/11 06:06 AM

Any news is good news, as far as I'm concerned. smile Can't wait to see a video.
Posted By: Ripcord

Re: update 29/07/2011 - 07/30/11 12:08 PM

Sounds good guys, hang in there and keep on forging ahead.
Posted By: HitchHikingFlatlander

Re: update 29/07/2011 - 08/01/11 05:52 PM

Always good to here you're progressing along!
Posted By: HarryR

Re: update 29/07/2011 - 08/03/11 06:39 PM

Nice, does it have flashing beacons?
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