Pucará ordnance?

Posted By: HarryR

Pucará ordnance? - 02/06/11 09:56 PM

Anyone know what ordnance load the Pucará typically carried in the conflict? I belive Dante might find the info useful. notworthy
Yep, still hanging about for that Beta...(whistles and saunters off into the darkness). wink
Posted By: HarryR

Re: Pucará ordnance? - 02/11/11 08:14 PM

I had a look myself, but couldn't find much.
Some pictures here, some here showing multiple racks, one with rockets?
Posted By: HitchHikingFlatlander

Re: Pucará ordnance? - 02/15/11 08:58 PM

Going to be a fun A/C to fly!
Posted By: HarryR

Re: Pucará ordnance? - 02/16/11 08:33 PM

Agreed on the fun part, it was a modern day (1980s) invader. It does look a little overloaded with all those weapons, an armorers wet dream wink
Posted By: Dante-JT

Re: Pucará ordnance? - 02/21/11 08:42 PM

HarryR: sorry for the delay replaying, but the standard loadout used in the war was:

- LAU-61 2.75-inch (19 rockets) pods (2 in each wing pylon, like photo you posted)
- up to 6x 100-125kg argentinean-made bombs on the centerline

Internal: 2x 20mm Hispano-Suiza HS.804 autocannons and 4x 7.62 mm M2 FM-20 machine guns.
Posted By: HitchHikingFlatlander

Re: Pucará ordnance? - 02/28/11 11:07 PM

LOL sounds like a Prop version of the Su25! Looks a little similar too.............. sorta.
Posted By: BigC208

Re: Pucará ordnance? - 03/01/11 03:39 AM

Nice plane to surpress AK47 armed leftist guerillas or unarmed crowd control. Flying into an electronic battlefield against a foe ready for mach 2 intruders?
Thanks but no thanks. Going to give it a try anyway. Surviving a mission and reaching your goals is going to be very rewarding.
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