senior moment

Posted By: gaw1

senior moment - 05/22/19 09:29 PM

turned on a hardcore/turn off visual flight aids thingie to force myself to look at the guages in the cockpit and deal w/ real time..... but have forgotten how to go back as needed. help.....thx
Posted By: mandrews

Re: senior moment - 05/22/19 09:51 PM

I think you're after either Shift-F6 (show HUD) or Shift-T (TAC on/off), or Z (TAC Information).

There's a key guide in your x:\OBDSoftware\WOTR\OBDWW2 Wings Over The Reich\documentation\WOTR-KEYGUIDE.pdf
Posted By: Polovski

Re: senior moment - 05/26/19 05:13 PM

and "HUD Display" is where you set hardcore setting in workshop - that removes lots of info from the blue text in shift+F6
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