Homemade Headtracking Solutions

Posted By: Dark_Canuck

Homemade Headtracking Solutions - 09/21/18 12:42 AM

As professional systems like TrackIR are prohibitively expensive, especially considering what they are, I decided to try to make my own IR headtracker for cheap. I have succeeded and I am so amazingly happy with the result. It was very easy and cost me less than 30 dollars. I used as much as I could from around the house:

IR LEDs from old remotes and a broken AirHog toy
Popsicle sticks glued together with a glue gun for a clip
The IR filter off a broken WII remote to filter natural light for my laptops webcam (just taped it in place so i can remove it when necessary)

The software I used is a free program called Opentrack.

There are many good websites that give you all the info you require if you google DIY IR headtracker.

If you cant afford a professional setup, I urge you to try it yourself. It works and it saved me hundreds of dollars.
Posted By: rtoolooze262

Re: Homemade Headtracking Solutions - 09/21/18 01:58 AM

A good alternative is the DelanClip. Works perfect for me. Check it here https://delanengineering.com/
Posted By: Dark_Canuck

Re: Homemade Headtracking Solutions - 09/21/18 10:06 AM

Yes, there are some great alternatives to TrackIR out there, but even they were out of my budget once shipping and import fees were applied! I was not aware of how easy it was to do myself until a few weeks ago, so I wanted to make sure there wasnt someone else like me out there who could build their own.

Good overview of the process and Opentrack setup:

Good info on building the circuit:

If anyone ever has questions, feel free to PM me as well.
Posted By: kksnowbear

Re: Homemade Headtracking Solutions - 09/21/18 12:15 PM

Fascinating info, I've looked at DYI headtracking before (although I do have a TIR5). Often just to realize I probably could've done it myself, just being lazy biggrin biggrin biggrin

To me, it seems the camera is the big expense; though I've read that PS2 Eye cam IIRC?) can work. You might find those used for cheap. As for the actual TrackClip Pro LED array, you can buy those on eBay, brand new from a US seller with 99.9% positive feedback and FREE shipping, with 30-day returns as well for only $38 (no, I am not affiliated with this person or auction listing in any way at all, just noted it myself once when looking at replacing a broken unit). Seems fairly hard to beat, when you account for your time (although I do sincerely appreciate doing it as inexpensive as possible, and when money's tight, that means your time doesn't count lol)
Posted By: Dark_Canuck

Re: Homemade Headtracking Solutions - 09/21/18 06:51 PM

Just about any webcam can be converted these days. The built in camera on my webcam does a great job. I just put an IR filter over it to keep out the ambient light.

And as for time, it probably took me about 4 hours all told
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