Changes are afoot

Posted By: Clydewinder

Changes are afoot - 05/22/17 03:26 AM

No more modules, replaced with new skill tree

Don't need to buy 3 of a mech chassis anymore to level it up

If anybody needs help figuring out the experience points and skill tree, PM me. it is a little confusing at first.
Posted By: Raw Kryptonite

Re: Changes are afoot - 05/22/17 01:24 PM

Interesting, and sounds like a good move after it became so slow to build money to buy multiple mechs.

Any new word about Mechwarrior 5?
Posted By: Clydewinder

Re: Changes are afoot - 05/23/17 02:31 AM

Nothing on MW5 that I saw. At PGI's pace of progress it is likely we will driving actual battlemechs to work every day before their game is released.

Can't wait to get my hands on the Battletech TBS though...
Posted By: Discord

Re: Changes are afoot - 05/27/17 01:12 PM

Thought I would like the changes but surprisingly for me I don't now that I am playing with them. The mechs all feel generic now and have lost any sense of uniqueness.
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