New game mode: Escort

Posted By: Clydewinder

New game mode: Escort - 12/14/16 11:43 PM

escort AI controlled Atlas across the map while the other team tries to destroy it. Pretty fun and a nice change of pace.

i'll be on MWO later tonight if anyone wants to join in
Posted By: Raw Kryptonite

Re: New game mode: Escort - 12/15/16 02:41 PM

Does the Atlas fight too, or just move continuously?
Are they still doing the vote thing for map and game type?
Posted By: Clydewinder

Re: New game mode: Escort - 12/16/16 02:24 AM

Atlas does not shoot back but does torso twist to spread damage - and provides ECM cover to escorts ( it's a DDC )

game mode and map voting is still a thing
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