Just reinstalled MWO...

Posted By: malibu43

Just reinstalled MWO... - 09/12/16 03:44 PM

Just reinstalled after watching the old MW5 trailer last night. I haven't played in well over a year. Anything new to be excited about? What's the best way to get back in? Is Community Warfare PUGable yet?
Posted By: Clydewinder

Re: Just reinstalled MWO... - 09/12/16 10:04 PM

CW is pretty fun most of the time, it's rough against an organized group though

check out the Scout mode for mechs 55 tons and less - i am going to make another more detailed post on this game mode in a little while because it is really fun and a good opportunity to punch clanners in the face with hunchbacks and shadowhawks
Posted By: MojoFlow

Re: Just reinstalled MWO... - 09/13/16 08:57 PM

I had lots of fun the other night running the Scout mode with Clyde and Baron.

I also realized that I am very much out of practice. smile
Posted By: kludger

Re: Just reinstalled MWO... - 09/13/16 09:26 PM

Solo mode has been fun for me even though I'm rusty too.
Posted By: Peally

Re: Just reinstalled MWO... - 09/16/16 06:04 PM

Looked at it recently too. Expect to play HPG Uplink to absolute death, it's the new Dust2 of MWO and it gets old fast.
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