Glassy instruments looks *solved*

Posted By: dawnpatrol

Glassy instruments looks *solved* - 01/22/20 06:34 PM


1st day i played (yesterday) i had a very nice glassy look on all instruments abit mirror-ish from horizon etc.

Today this is gone and all instruments are "plain" or glassless. I have not mande any changes to any setups nor any changes in my Radeon settings.

I just wonder where i toggle or re-activate this graphic enhancement as i really liked it.

Thanks in advance!
Posted By: hoongadoonga

Re: Glassy instruments looks - 01/22/20 06:58 PM

I believe that just depends on how much sunlight is hitting the instrument. If it's cloudy or the cockpit is in shadows there won't be any reflection from the glass.
Posted By: dawnpatrol

Re: Glassy instruments looks - 01/22/20 07:21 PM

Yes but no in my case, the instruments had a kindof 3d-glass look, and now they are flat. I shall elaborate further but it is wierd indeed.
Posted By: Polovski

Re: Glassy instruments looks - 01/24/20 08:38 PM

If you are in the exact same aircraft then they should not change - or something else changed (ATI driver settings etc?). Maybe you switched to a different a/c with different instruments/shaped glass.
If this is PE make sure you updated to the latest version too we added a few more updated 2-seaters. Note a few aircraft (pretty much 2 seaters without forward guns) were not upgraded in PE - we upgraded around 66 aircraft.

When testing try QC same aircraft and set the clouds and weather and time of day and season (preferably spring/summer) to same each time. Should shine nicely.

Maybe post pictures.
Posted By: dawnpatrol

Re: Glassy instruments looks - 01/27/20 07:51 PM

I solved my (lack of attention) problem:

1st day i played with the Be2 plane in training before the front(1915), and it's skin was default Be2 HD (wich got these glassy instruments.
2nd day i started to play on the front with same Be2 plane, but this plane got another skin with an observer in it. This skin does not have the glass-look feature.

So.. all is well, problem solved, sorry to bringing up an non-existing problem.

Either way, thanks for the support!!
Posted By: Polovski

Re: Glassy instruments looks - 01/27/20 10:13 PM

No problem, maybe in the future we'll polish more glass in the remaining few aircraft, but for now it is what it is smile
All fighters are upgraded and some 2 seaters in PE, just a few 2 seaters are not - - just not easy to upgrade around 82 aircraft + 4 training aircraft)
Posted By: vonBaur

Re: Glassy instruments looks - 02/10/20 09:47 PM

I like the glare on the instruments. But in cloudy conditions? If I can barely see the Sun for clouds in the way when I'm looking right at it should its glare really completely obscure the instrument when I'm facing away? Or is this a quirk of the shaders or something?
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