Sopwith Tripe in Sept 1916?

Posted By: CaptSopwith

Sopwith Tripe in Sept 1916? - 09/17/19 12:01 AM

Hi Chaps,

Just ran across an... odd encounter, if nothing else. Flying in Flanders in September 1916. We are currently making due with a Fokker DII / DIII combination. Second flight over the lines, we encounter 1 RNAS who should, according to our intel, be equipped with a Nieuport 11. We did see one of those, painted in French roundels, but we were attacked by two Sopwith Triplanes - hardly a fair fight in a Fokker DII model. Is the Tripehound supposed to appear that early or did I stumble across a bug?

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Posted By: Raine

Re: Sopwith Tripe in Sept 1916? - 09/17/19 03:32 AM

It was there on a trial for a few weeks, if I recall correctly.
Posted By: Polovski

Re: Sopwith Tripe in Sept 1916? - 09/17/19 08:38 AM

There was a Triplane sent to France in July 1916 before they were fully deployed around Dec 1916 onwards. So technically you could see one, and if you can see 1 you can see more in the sim.
Posted By: Shredward

Re: Sopwith Tripe in Sept 1916? - 09/17/19 02:38 PM

You had the great fortune to run into Stan Dallas flying “Brown Bread”. And, he only flies it on certain days. You should now go get yourself a lottery ticket
Posted By: CaptSopwith

Re: Sopwith Tripe in Sept 1916? - 09/17/19 10:07 PM

Wow! That is fascinating gents. All of these years playing WWI sims and studying the subject - I had no idea the Tripe appeared that early. I actually smiled when I saw Dallas' name - I remember flying an RNAS campaign with him when I was a kid playing Red Baron.

I've definitely learned something new here - feels like the subject never really exhausts itself.

Thanks guys!

PS: Dallas shot my DII completely full of holes and wounded my pilot before I set down at a nearby field. Lucky to get away with that one!
Posted By: Robert_Wiggins

Re: Sopwith Tripe in Sept 1916? - 09/19/19 01:15 PM

Capt'n if you were close enough to see his name, you were probably too close to his guns biggrin

It's only safe to get that close to him if you surprise him by sneaking up behind, otherwise, run for the hills!!
Posted By: Polovski

Re: Sopwith Tripe in Sept 1916? - 09/20/19 09:01 AM

One thing we like in WOFF is how the pendulum swings sometimes when a new aircraft advancement is introduced. Then it's down to luck for the poor airman caught flying the obsolete aircraft.
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