Cntrl + Q

Posted By: WangoTango

Cntrl + Q - 06/07/19 02:00 AM

Sometimes after landing, I press Cntrl+Q, then Enter and it will exit the game completely. Other times it will take me to a debrief, which is preferred of course.
Any ideas ? I did do some research before asking, but found no answer.
Posted By: Polovski

Re: Cntrl + Q - 06/07/19 08:07 AM

Ctrl+Shift+Q exits immediately so make sure that sometimes you aren't also accidentally catching the shift key too.

Otherwise something else is interfering with key presses (some other tool using hotkeys running somewhere whatever.

I have run this sim in all its versions of course for years and ctrl+Q always exits normally here.

Maybe rebind the exit or exit immediately to some other combination.
Posted By: WangoTango

Re: Cntrl + Q - 06/07/19 02:12 PM

Rebinding sounds like a good idea. It is quite possible that I am hitting Shift unintentionally. My keyboard is sensitive.Caps Lock gets hit unintentionally all the time.
Thanks Polovski.
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