Snap and Scroll View: Change view down/up

Posted By: Becker01

Snap and Scroll View: Change view down/up - 04/05/19 04:18 PM


if I press snap view 0-degree I looks up in the sky. If I press 180-degree I look down in the cockpit. Is it possible to change it? I dont find it in FAQ.

Posted By: Becker01

Re: SnapView - 04/06/19 04:17 PM

50 views, no answer?
Posted By: Stache

Re: SnapView - 04/06/19 05:31 PM

Hi Becker,

Well still no answer but a least a response.
I assume you are using the Hat switch on your stick.

I do not not use Snap Views. I have Track-IR.
I suspect this is true of most of the WOFF flyers.

I did do a search of the WOFF forum looking for something similar and did not find anything related to changing what a Hat Switch does.
Scroll Lock will change from snap to panning.
Number pad will also do snap view - my keyboard does not have a number pad so I could not test.

You can also email obd support for possibly a quicker answer.

That being said... I can change, external of WOFF, the function of my Hat switch from being a normal Hat switch to actually doing keyboard commands.
That might be a solution if you are able to.


Posted By: Becker01

Re: SnapView - 04/06/19 05:51 PM

Hallo Stache,

thank you for your answer.
I fear the change of the views is not possible, because of the CFS3-engine (same problem there).
I will send Mark an E-Mail about it. If he has an other info I will write it here.

Posted By: Redwolf

Re: SnapView - 04/06/19 06:19 PM

I don't use snap views either, but if you are not using track-ir or a head tracking alternative and it is an issue seeing things well, you can always use scroll view with your hat switch and set a joystick button to quickly reset to forward facing view. This is what I use now and it works very well. You can also adjust the speed of the scroll to your liking (there is a thread in here showing that). Anyways, all the best. smile

Here is the thread I referred to: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4467249/looking-around#Post4467249
Posted By: Becker01

Re: SnapView - 04/06/19 07:29 PM

Hallo Redwolf,

thanks for your help!

I know ScrollView, but the problem is the same:
If I press direction 0-degree I look up, direction 180-degree I look down. That's not my Habit. I use the view like the flightstick normally. Press direction 0-degree > look down (stick: nose moves down to your Feeds), pull to 180-degree > look up (stick: nose moves up to your head).
Posted By: Redwolf

Re: SnapView - 04/06/19 07:57 PM

Yes, I can understand the frustration! I have an EAW install on my system that does that. However, your issue for WOFFUE is odd to me. I don't have the problem on scroll view for me at all. My head is essentially mapped to my joystick hat. Pushing down looks downward, up looks upward - and I haven't made any specific adjustments to get it that way except adjusting the scroll speed to be a little faster. Not sure why yours does it in reverse (?) but I am sure it can be sorted out.
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