stall sounds???

Posted By: gaw1

stall sounds??? - 03/20/19 08:05 PM

Pol.......I keep hearing stall sounds at times when I'm well above min fly speed. Think I saw a patch moment about just this a while ago......it's stil there or I've failed to something right. Thx...G
Posted By: ChiefWH

Re: stall sounds??? - 03/21/19 12:15 PM

I haven't noticed any issue myself. The stall sound triggers and then continues to play for a set duration i think. So if you regain speed it will still sound for a bit. If you just hear it when cruising maybe log it in the technical issues section with some detail like aircraft being flown, whether in a campaign etc. And i think normally the log file is of use to them.

I think i do still get odd clanking noises when I'm not damaged (which i think was mentioned in the patch) but as I have a stupid amount of mods running I'm inclined to think it's something I've done!
Posted By: gaw1

Re: stall sounds??? - 03/21/19 07:54 PM

Perhaps you're right....maybe not stall sounds but definitely an awkward racket....like a carpet banging on the fuselage that does dissappear finally. Speed related perhaps but I'm running no mods. I'll try and send a log next time it rears itself.
Posted By: Polovski

Re: stall sounds??? - 03/23/19 06:55 PM

Sounds like engine damage, maybe you damage the engine sometimes?
If there's a way to reproduce we can look at.
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