Time Acceleration not working

Posted By: rtoolooze262

Time Acceleration not working - 01/03/19 12:26 AM

Been searching the threads, but can't seem to find the answer. For some reason, Time Acceleration just stopped working. I use the default keys which are shift+ and shift-. I've went in to the workshop and see thats still it, and even rebound them to different keys. All to no avail. I haven't added any mods or any tweaking recently, the Sim just decided I was now gonna fly all my missions in real time. Which is cool and all, and wish I could always fly that way, but the Commandant (wife) upstairs always seems to have me doing other dumb things around here taking up my precious time, grrrr!

Anyway, I have time for 1 more mission tonight, just hope its not 96 miles to the target this time!
Posted By: Ace_Pilto

Re: Time Acceleration not working - 01/03/19 11:19 AM

Posted By: Polovski

Re: Time Acceleration not working - 01/03/19 11:32 AM

Maybe you have another external program you installed that uses those. Close down all outside apps.

You may need to reset your keys settings to default at least.Run WOFFkeys.exe
toolbox. "Reset all to default" Save. Note doing this you will loose all joystick, controller etc settings too.
Posted By: rtoolooze262

Re: Time Acceleration not working - 01/09/19 03:01 AM

I finally got time to get back to the aerodrome, golly!
Resetting the keys back to default did the trick, thanks Pol!
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