Pilot Dossier Txt File

Posted By: Beanie

Pilot Dossier Txt File - 02/06/20 02:38 PM


It is some time since I did any modding. I have accessed the pilot dossier file but it is unreadable - I take it - that you have to convert it to another format?

Thank you for your help

Posted By: Robert_Wiggins

Re: Pilot Dossier Txt File - 02/06/20 04:14 PM

Beanie, hthe devs encrypted it and it is no loger possible to manipulate that file. In the older versions of WOFF it was readable.
Posted By: Beanie

Re: Pilot Dossier Txt File - 02/07/20 09:33 AM

Cheers Robert

Clearly I have been away a long time - there have been so many changes - all for the good
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