I wanted to share a Campaign mission

Posted By: SebToombs

I wanted to share a Campaign mission - 01/10/20 09:45 PM

Hi Folks,

I love this sim so much! I just played the most awsome mission in my 60 Squdron RFC campaign on 23rd August 1917 a deep patrol behind enemy lines ... and I wanted to share it ... I'm not sure if the same things will happen to you as they did for me (I guess that's the nature of this excellent piece of work) but if anyone fancies it I loved flying it. I play with no labels (I love scanning and the surprise) but do have TAC, I think of it as a rear view mirror. The first ten minutes are quiet but then until the end its quiet amazing!

I dont want to spoil it but here are a couple of screen shots ...

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

: Just place the drop box file in OBDSoftware\WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\missions\scenarios\Britain

and it will be there in quick scenarios ...

If you have any superb missions and you're happy to share I'd love to fly them too! I don't know it there is a repository of them anywhere? ... And if this is not the done thing or I've put it on the wrong place then so sorry ... always a bit nervous posting in case I do something that's bad etiquette.

Here's the mission file ...


I play PE with Blue triangle mod and Rivers Mod


Posted By: HumanDrone

Re: I wanted to share a Campaign mission - 01/11/20 03:19 AM

That's the spirit, SebTooms! it's what makes this place great. Thanks for sharing it, I'm sure someone will be along to help out. I comment more than I have time to fly, especially now that my speakers have decided to pack it in! Yow! But someday I'll be jumping on your D/L like cat on a laser dot!
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