Posted By: jakethescot1

Transfer - 06/02/19 03:40 PM

I checked the FAQ, but didn't see anything about transfers. I put in for a transfer two weeks ago (sim time) and still haven't gotten conformation. How long does it take before you're notified?
Posted By: Raine

Re: Transfer - 06/02/19 08:59 PM

It varies, but I've seen it take four weeks.
Posted By: jakethescot1

Re: Transfer - 06/02/19 10:07 PM

OK, thanks.
Posted By: MFair

Re: Transfer - 06/02/19 10:13 PM

Jake, if you can't wait you can check "Transfers always approved" in settings.
Posted By: jakethescot1

Re: Transfer - 06/03/19 01:31 AM

MFair. I don't mind having my request denied, I was just wondering how long it usually takes.
Another question: suppose you're an ace with 20 or so kills. Is it possible to have a unit send you a request to join them? I've never lived long enough to have that many kills if I remember right.
Posted By: MFair

Re: Transfer - 06/03/19 08:05 AM

Jake, good question! Like yourself, I have had very few pilots live long enough to become “wanted”. That would be a neat feature in the sim. I know some of the German darlings could choose their pilots. Not sure for the British.
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