Finally, I got it!

Posted By: Andy73

Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 07:04 PM

Hey Community,

A small Wonder has happened... I am running WOFF finally nearly smooth and liquid, as it should be from the beginning...

So what happened?

I've bought a Program called "Driver Easy" (which was as a Freeware-Program in a very popular German Computer-Magazine with a 1-Year Free-License) and installed it. After running this Program, I was shocked:

My System needs 22 new Drivers, even though i've installed Windows 10 only 2 Months ago!

Said and done, everything installed (which was done in less than 10 Minutes), restarted my System, and then I started WOFF. And...

A very big Step Forward! The Game now runs smooth and liquid, well, to be honest at 98%. Surely it needs some more small Tweaks to get it at 100%.

I am very surprised!

What was also a BIG help was to set down the Refreshrate for my Monitor from 60 HZ to 50 HZ. That means, my FPS are now automatically locked at 50 with V-Sync ON. I don't know why, but this helped a lot!

I also set the Pre-rendered Frames to "Application-Controlled" and AA to "Super-Sampling".

As I said, a very big Step forward in my Case. It is the first time ever, I can say to myself: Welcome to the Woff-World! I am enjoying the Game very much. I can even Play a Campaign with Jasta 1 in August 1918, with Medium Air-Activity without Stutters... What a big fun this Game is now for me!!!

And I just wanted to apologize to anyone who felt personally attacked from my (not so nicely) Postings in the Past.

Now I hope to enjoy the Game and the Immersion as much as you Guys do!

Let's spend together a good time in our virtual WW1-World winkngrin

Posted By: Bucksnort

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 07:12 PM

That's great news, Andy!

Thanks for sharing your information thumbsup
Posted By: Adger

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 07:54 PM

Andy..you were frustrated we totally get that,fantastic news regarding your smooth running of WOFF. No need to apologize at all.

Welcome to the forum,any questions just ask..there,s always helpful advice to be found,best of luck in the skies.

Posted By: Banjoman

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 08:04 PM

Andy73, no need to apologize, PC problems can be the most frustrating. I'm just really glad that you are finally able to enjoy WOFF in all of its goodness.
Posted By: Stache

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 08:08 PM

Yes, no need to apologize, glad you stuck with it and found something that helps.

Now you can enjoy your just rewards.
Posted By: DukeIronHand

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 08:14 PM

Watch your six!
Posted By: Robert_Wiggins

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 08:24 PM


So good to hear from you again!
I thought your virtual name had gone west!

Welcome back!
Posted By: Polovski

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 08:31 PM

Hi Andy73, many thanks for posting your experiences. Personally I have been using a PC since around 1992 or before. I have seen that even though MS has helped some to bring rogue or badly programmed or updated drivers under their "standards" influence, I know there's too much variation on PC configurations to get always perfect sims or games - for all - without some pain sometimes. They have always been a tricky to ensure they are 100% and working fine, and often overlooked part of PC troubleshooting. Anyway I hope you can enjoy now.
Posted By: dutch

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 09:01 PM

Great to see you are running great, one thing, did you reduce the monitor refresh rate or did you block the FPS to 50?

One tip and I already wrote this down, go to the device manager and let windows do the update of the drivers.
select hidden devices and see what is double, like two vcard drivers that can conflicting as a sample.

The updates from Windows are normally not the last, but the stable ones, so it will never download a beta AMD crimson driver as a sample.

Just right now I have Woff & Rof installed on a new SSD/win10 boot and I have noticed that win10 does do a good job on driver download.
Posted By: Hellshade

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/14/16 09:57 PM

Congratulations Andy! It can be a very frustrating experience for some folks, but if you keep at it you will get WOFF to run extremely well. I am very happy for you. But I hate to tell you, now that you are in the air your problems have just begun. Only now they will be from the AI. Happy hunting Andy! beercheers
Posted By: dutch

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/15/16 06:33 AM

Geuss Hellshade we were right on this, Woff can run without stutters!
Posted By: Bucksnort

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/16/16 09:52 AM

I hope Bronnx won't mind me adding his quote to this thread also:

Originally Posted By: Bronnx
Yes, i did now. I tested for about an hour, a wonder happened. I got rid of the stutterings, for about 90-95 %, and now i can use even everything ( almost ) at highest settings, AA x 8, SweetFX, mods, etc.
Now it's a lot of fun to play it smile
Sorry, DukeIronHand, i didnt mean that bad, i was just angry.

guns sound mod?

I've got an i7-4790k/GTX 970 based system. And like everyone else I'm looking to get back some FPS with WOFF 3. I built my rig about 15 months ago, and I used all the right drivers at the time. But I don't know every little thing about drivers and how to make sure they are all up to date (I was mostly using the installation disks that came with the components).

So I also bought Driver Easy after reading Andy's OP and used it. It found 22 drivers to update. Some I recognized and were obvious. But most were obscure and I would have been clueless to explain them.

After using Driver Easy and installing 20 of the 22 drivers it recommended the end result for me is an overall gain of somewhere in the 5 to 10 fps range depending on what is happening in game.

I have not done any methodical testing. This is just my perception from flying around for the past 2 days (6 or 8 sorties). My FPS has obviously improved with all other things left unchanged.

Just thought I'd share...

I always knew drivers mattered, but I had no idea mine could get so out of whack in just 15 months, with me updating the drivers I knew to update, but not updating obscure drivers long forgotten after I built my machine. Driver Easy is the best $30 I've ever spent. But a performance increase would be entirely machine dependent. If you already know for sure every driver in your system is current/compatible with everything else, then you'd be wasting $30. I couldn't honestly say that, and it paid off for me.

Thank you, Andy73 for sharing this information. Your persistence paid off for not just you, but others as well smile

P.S. Interestingly, one of the two drivers I did not accept was the latest nVidia driver (I am running on one dated a month earlier). So my fps gain did not include an nVidia driver update.

And I just upgraded to a G-SYNC monitor last week and its driver is current. So this driver update did not include the two drivers I would have thought would most help in an fps gain.

This might be a reach, but I now realize if you are not an expert in understanding how to maintain all of your system's drivers in the "holistic" sense, then you probably need a freeware or payware program to help. It might not be that you need a new driver, it might be that you need a whole bunch of new drivers that are all current and can talk to each other with the latest lingo and fixes.
Posted By: DukeIronHand

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/16/16 11:15 AM

This "Driver Easy" sounds like it might be worth checking out.
Thought I kind of kept up on my driver/bios stuff but you guys are not computer neophytes.
Sounds like I may be in for a surprise.

EDIT: $29.95 for one year.
Posted By: dutch

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/16/16 02:25 PM

Seems to be also a free version, availeble.
Posted By: Olham

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/16/16 02:28 PM

I could not get to the free version really - so I downloaded another program,
called "All In One Runtimes". It found some (12 I think) things to update.
Posted By: dutch

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/16/16 02:54 PM

olham, just scroll down to the end and you will see the freeware version.
Posted By: DukeIronHand

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/16/16 03:26 PM

Is it fully functional though? If you tried it.
Otherwise why have the pay version at $29.95?
Posted By: Polovski

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/16/16 03:46 PM

To be honest I think those locked threads need adding to that the users since found better settings to help a lot. Bronx should post in here himself. Nice to know we are not lying.
Posted By: Andy73

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/16/16 11:57 PM

I really love to hear that some more Players can use my solution also for themselves!

And I really like to repeat that, because it helped a lot in my Case:
Try to reduce the Refreshrate for your Monitor. You can do this in your NVIDIA-Control Panel under the Tab "Change Resolution".

I put it down from 60 HZ to 50 HZ. My FPS are now automatically locked at 50 with V-sync ON in NVIDIA-Control Panel. I don't know what this Effect exactly does, but it really helped for smooth Gameplay! Of course this might be only helpful for Guys without an G-Sync Monitor!

What might be also important, is to set AA to "Application-Controlled" and AA-Transparency to OFF. So try to use the Ingame-AA-Settings!

I am also using PROCESS-LASSO for my Games, this Program will also help you. With this Program (Freeware) you can assign your Games to different Cores. In my Case I placed the CFS3.exe on Core 2 to 7, and Windows and my other Background-Programs are running on Core 0 and 1.

Will be back here next Weekend...

Posted By: Hellshade

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/17/16 05:46 PM

Driver booster 3.3 has a free version. It's slow on the download but it does install the drivers for you. I had a dogfight over the front in 1918 with regional air activity set to high and it ran 60fps the whole fight. Evidently windows 10 may use some generic drivers in the upgrade that don't offer the full hardware acceleration of the proper drivers. Once it goes out and gets the real Windows 10 drivers, there appears to be a nice boost for some people.
Posted By: DukeIronHand

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/17/16 06:07 PM

Getting ready to try WOFF after the Driver Booster (14 updates) treatment yesterday.
First thing I am going to do - after getting Bucksnort's latest SwettFX version - is to remove the W7 compatability mode I had to run both WOFF and CFS3.exe's in to get WOFF 3 to run on my W10 machine. Hopefully the 14 updates fixed that issue.
The only glitch in a otherwise awesome performance.
Posted By: Hellshade

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/17/16 06:14 PM

Looking forward to the report. I hope it gives you a nice little fps boost sir.
Posted By: DukeIronHand

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/17/16 07:24 PM

Well the driver updates to care of me having to run the WOFF.exe and CFS3.exe in W7 Compatability Mode on my W10 machine. Just ran it for 20+ minutes and it didn't crash at the 9 minute mark like previously. Good news there.

Did not see an FPS increase though but it should be noted that my flying was very minimal. Getting ready for some campaign stuff now.
Posted By: Olham

Re: Finally, I got it! - 05/17/16 08:18 PM

After doing that "Driver Boost" thingy (which found several very old USB drivers, among
other things), updating my ATI Crimson Driver, and changing some settings there, and in
"Workshop", I have now been able to fly a campaign air combat.

The frps varied between 25 and 45 frps mostly, only looking at clear sky gave me 60 frps.
It must be the ground, that has become more frames-hungry - when I look to the ground,
the frps shrink dramatically.
Despite the micro stutters, I was able to fight, and to win my fight.
Still, there is a lot of room for improvement...

I'll carry on trying things out and will report.
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