Manual Engine Start

Posted By: cCromwell

Manual Engine Start - 06/02/15 06:13 AM

I do not seem to be able to manually start the engine.

I turn on electrics CTRL-B

Turn on Magnetos CTRL-M

Mixture to full Rich CTRL-+

Small amount of throttle

Press Starter CTRL-S

But nothing happens.

Anyone know where I am going wrong please?
Posted By: CatKnight

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/02/15 07:13 AM

E to turn on the engine
Shift + E to turn it off again
Posted By: corsaire31

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/02/15 12:21 PM

Originally Posted By: CatKnight
E to turn on the engine
Shift + E to turn it off again

That's not "manual" start... nope

@cCromwell : you forgot to hire a mechanic to turn the prop by hand wink

I actually have a FSX plane (Tiger Moth) where you step out of the plane and turn the prop to start (better make sure the parking brake is on and wheel chocks ..)
Posted By: MudWasp

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/02/15 02:59 PM

I've done all the above and still hit E for a prop spin. Don't think there is a command for it, looked and couldn't find it, then just hit E. Everyone in the squad is in such a hurry to get airborne, felt pressured to keep pace.

Hmmmm...maybe I'll start being the last up and see if it matters at all.

If there isn't a spin prop command... it would be nice to create one and bind it to an unused WWII aircraft command.

Corsaire, is that a hand that appears when you put the mouse cursor on the prop in external view?
Posted By: RAF_Louvert

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/02/15 03:15 PM


I may be in error about this but I believe things have changes since OFF. You can still turn the mags on and off, not so sure about battery or fuel though. And for sure 'S' no longer spins the prop during a manual start-up. I still do what you describe cCromwell but I now hit 'E' at the end of the routine rather than 'S' as I like going through the steps our RL counterparts did. I have the mags keyed to a pair of toggles on my JS and use two other toggles as 'dummy' switches for fuel and ignition, (basically going through the motions without actually doing anything as far as the sim is concerned).

Posted By: MudWasp

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/02/15 04:52 PM

Is there a fuel on off command?
I've mixture on a throttle lever and can starve an engine of fuel to kill it. Sometimes I'd like to empty the lines after a shut off valve too. Last time I wanted to do so was due to an engine fire.
Posted By: RAF_Louvert

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/02/15 04:56 PM


I don't believe there is, MudWasp. I do what you do and 'shut off' the fuel using the mixture lever. I shut down the engine though first using the mag switches, then immediately lean back the fuel to nada.

Posted By: Banjoman

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/02/15 09:56 PM

The WOFF Default key guide says that CTRL-S cranks the engine.
Posted By: JimAttrill

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/03/15 07:52 AM

I also turn the engine on with E and off with shift+E. I must try the manual start one of these days.

As an aside, I was trained NEVER to stop an aircraft piston engine by turning off the mags (ignition). There are two dangers here - one is the way the mag switches work. When in the OFF position the mag is grounded by a wire from the cockpit to the mag. If this wire is broken due to any reason - could be enemy action - the mag is 'live' and the engine will not stop. The other is that when the engine winds down the cylinders are still filled with petrol/air mixture. If the mags are accidentally switched back on a huge backfire could result which would cause immense damage to the induction system and possibly blow the exhaust to pieces. Engines were always stopped by shutting off the fuel. Then the mag switches don't matter.

If the wire to the mag is broken then the engine may fire when the prop is turned to 'suck in' fuel. This happened to my father (or the pilot had the switches on, we don't know) the engine fired and the prop hit him in the jaw, knocking teeth out and then stopping. In later years I asked him why he always had a moustache and he said it was to hide the scar in his upper lip. Luckily, in my day all aircraft had starters of some sort - even the Gipsy Majors in the Chipmunk had a small Koffman starter fired by what looked like a shotgun cartridge.
Posted By: cCromwell

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/03/15 08:12 AM

I can't get the CTRL-S to work at all.
Posted By: Cavaliere57

Re: Manual Engine Start - 06/03/15 08:16 AM

"E" to start it,and "Shift-E" to turn it off,no other way.
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