Anyone playing in 3.12?

Posted By: K6_Scorpion

Anyone playing in 3.12? - 12/31/20 11:55 PM

I've been playing lately since 3.12 went live, but haven't seen anyone from the SimHQ org that I have linked as a 'friend'

Just been trying to work on mining and trying to configured my HOTAS...to what makes sense... historically used mouse and keyboard or mouse in throttle in SC.

It can still be frustrating with the crashes/despawns/etc, but I'm getting a couple of continuous hours in before a crash, typically... enough to take some screenshots and check some stuff out.

account in SC is RulerOfTheFreeWorld
Posted By: Mr_Blastman

Re: Anyone playing in 3.12? - 01/01/21 12:38 AM

The prison system ruined the game for me. I have no interest in developers who do not understand the point of a game.
Posted By: Mr_Blastman

Re: Anyone playing in 3.12? - 01/10/21 07:35 PM

Well, since I had some time to fart around, I tried 3.1.2. Some improvements, for sure, plays better than 3.9.
Posted By: Polarwolf

Re: Anyone playing in 3.12? - 01/13/21 03:44 PM

Yeah a lot better than 3.9, though some issues have been a bit persistent since they switched on SSOCS in 3.8.

What I like is that under Windows 10 it can finally remember the control IDs, before this was a major bother every patch since I have the Warthog, rudder Pedals and a G27 connected, and it switched my stick's ID around every time.

Haven't played as much in 3.12 as before, as most friends are pausing a bit and some issues have been detrimental to certain playstyles. Currently they are playing a lot of other stuff, and SC is more fun with friends.
(And well I have some new stuff thanks to the Christmas Sales, AMS 2 for example.)

Namely that they deleted your refined goods after the last hotifx.....which hurt me bad as I had refined goods stored in a ship that had cost me 60k aUEC and would've gone for 240-400k aUEc.....but since that was a Cat, I wanted to fill it up more.

Trading has been questionable.....or as I and others call it, legalized Gambling, you can win big, but you can loose big.

The Timer on Quantanium is a bit bugged also, but the flight model is good, not quite intuitive some things are really counter-intuitive, especially the past SCM speed behaviour, but it feels more natural to a flightsimmer.

Account name is Wolf_McNish/WolfXIII
Posted By: K6_Scorpion

Re: Anyone playing in 3.12? - 01/22/21 11:09 PM

I do like that we can buy ships in game now, in addition to renting them. the 30Ks can be a bummer, but there are 'illegal surveillance' missions in Crusader and Hurston(?) where you take out 3 illegal satellites and get paid 20K. It's easy money because you can easily take out all three before the bad guys start spawning in (they don't show up until you start shooting stuff). I'll stack 4 of these missions and knock it out in under an hour... then I just go take some other mission or mine or sight see. Been meeting up with a few other guys and doing Mole mining and some of the combat missions... still having fun so far.
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